Zyliss Roleplays
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Zyliss Is Here

The Interview (a drunken RP)(also a complete ripoff)

Checkin' da Email

Advanced Calculus

What's this? An actual promo? NOOOO!

More Time Alone... Lots of it; and a fan cuts the promo

A Few Things

The Wood Clamp & the Shadow

Letters & Pizza

Picture Perfect Surprise!

Ash To Ashes

Promo While You Walk, do do do do do do do



I Have No Legs, chi-chi chi-chi

Character Development... or Computer Flaw?

Allow Me To Kick Things Off

I Love You, God Loves You (Part 2)

Dammit! He's Onto Me!

Time To Get Fat!

Fat Zyliss (Fat Albert, Fat Zyliss... get it? ahahahahahaha!)

A Dramatic Zyliss

UWN Exclusive

Am I Gonna Get Hurt... Bad?

Not This AGAIN!

Hmm... How to React?