The scene opens to reveal Zyliss as he sits alone in his hotel room, staring silently at the wall as a look of loss is frozen on his face. He doesn't move a muscle, or even blink for that matter. He just sits there in his own state of solitude- fooling the camera crew into thinking their just not gonna get a word out of him. So, just as the scene begins to fade to black, Zyliss speaks.

Zyliss: Eternity, I'm going to be very clear about something: why I left is my own business, not yours. It certainly wasn't because I felt I couldn't handle the competition. In case you didn't notice, up until the Battlebowl, I hadn't been defeated. The competition had nothing to do with my leaving. And as for when I'll run off again? Sorry to disappoint you, but that's not gonna happen. I'm here to stay.

But what's this about I don't belong at this level? Did I ask for this match? Of course not. Did you personally ask to face me? Not freakin' likely. So what, you might ask, business did I have interfering in your match? Well, the answer to that is quite simple: my career. See, when I got back here, I was approached by a certain someone, I think you know who, that made a business proposal to me. After carefully thinking it over, I agreed to it out of sheer concern for my career as a wrestler. Understand? I made a career decision. I didn't give a damn then if it upset you or anybody else, and I don't give a damn now; and chances are excellent that I'm not going to give a damn in the future. So don't patronize me, because you would've done the same thing if you were in that situation and don't tell me you wouldn't because all you give a damn about is yourself.

And, out of nowhere, you want to tell me to not make mistakes? Consider your own words for a moment. See, I was never in the XWA, but I know all about your dealings with Shadow and Japhy Ryder. Next to my own wrestling, watching the XWA was my favorite activity. So yes, I do know everything that's going on today; and it seems to me that you were the one that made the mistake of f*cking with the powers of the XWA way back when. And now look at you. Almost a year later, it's still coming back to haunt you. And I'm the one making the mistake?

And as for what will happen at Chaos- we'll just see. You may think you can handle me, but don't let your ego get ahead of you. That's a mistake many of the greats have made. I'm not saying you won't beat us but I'm not saying you will either. As you said, it all comes down to who wants it more; and from where I sit, a victory over a couple of the UWN's finest would definitely give my career a boost.

The scene fades to black as Zyliss grins.