"I've got to take control of my life to find the reason I'm alive..."

We hear these words echo throughout the seemingly empty hotel room that Zyliss is staying at. They are that of the new Saliva song "Storm" on their newest CD- and Zyliss has found so much truth in that song that he finds he's almost addicted to it. It's a miracle that the song isn't already getting screwy for as many times as Zyliss has listened to it when he just bought the CD about 6 hours ago.

Zyliss walks into the picture in his street attire. He has a look of determination on his face as he searches through his duffel bag for something. After a few moments of digging, he reveals his quarry. The almighty Nokia cell phone. Turning down the small stereo he bought for the road, Zyliss punches some numbers on it and puts it to his ear.

Zyliss: Hey, it's me.

The voice on the other end can be identified as a woman's, but she cannot be understood.

I'm fine. You?

Good to hear.

Yeah, things are going pretty good. So far I've managed to survive. Maybe you should watch it sometime.

Wednesday nights, 8 p.m. Channel 245.


Look, uhh... I'm gonna be around after this week's show for a couple days. I was thinking maybe we could get together?


No, it's okay. I understand. Probably better it didn't happen anyway.

Just what I say. Probably better it didn't happen.

Well if you really want to, but I can't gaurantee that I'll answer.

Because I never take this thing with me. I only really have it in case of emergencies and such.

Yeah, talk to you later.

Zyliss hangs up the phone and tosses it back in his duffel bag. He plops down on the edge of the bed and sits there momentarily before noticing the camera. He grins and chuckles.

Zyliss: You guys just don't quit do you? Come on now, I'm the new guy. Shouldn't you be bothering the UWN World Champ, Double Trouble, or somebody that matters? Hell, I ain't even been here a month and you've already caught me at the most inconveniant times. But I guess that's your job eh?

Zyliss stands up and begins to pace around a little bit. The camera's actually have to look up a little bit in order to catch his facial expressions. It's not his fault he's so damn tall. That's genetics, ya know?

Zyliss: That's all right though. I had a few things I wanted to get off my chest anyway.

First of all- this new wrestler, Shelia Levin. Let me just say I'm actually supporting her in her getting hired here. She must be quite talented if she can get into such a prestigous federation such as the UWN. Especially considering the fact that she's the only one of her kind here... or probably anywhere. Not just a woman, but a lesbian as well. It makes no difference to me. I don't lust after her as most men would... I have no desire to watch her and her wife Gloria have sex or whatever else they may do behind closed doors. There's only one woman I could ever lust for and love and she's made it evident that she needs some time to herself so I will give her what she asks for. But anyway, Shelia wishes to be treated as an equal here- to be treated as if she were one of the guys. So, should chance have it that her and I will step into the squared circle against each other in the spirit of competition, I will treat her as an equal. I hate living for other people- to do whatever they want so that they are pleased. I live for myself and only myself- but when it comes to the ring, everybody that steps up against me is equal in my eyes. I treat every opponent the same no matter what their sex or ethnic background may be. But in my opinion, she's getting too ambitious too fast. A little "overconfident" if I do say so myself. She's got it set in her mind that she can beat any man here, and as true as that may be, she can't expect that it will all happen at once. The day will come, as it does for all of us, that she will fall at the hands of defeat. Nobody wins 'em all.

But moving on, I'd like to address my soon-to-be opponent Cyrus. I've done some research on this guy, and from what I've seen, I could say that he will be an easy win. But I'm not so foolish to do such a thing. I've always prided myself on never giving into the temptations of underestimating my opponent. Even the elephant is scared of the mouse, or so I'm told. Instead, I'm going to do what I do best: go into that ring at Chaos and give it my all. Cyrus may lose, he may win, but it will not faze me. My understanding is that this match isn't an official match of the Battlebowl tournament, so losing it would not stray me from that path.

Which brings me to my next point: the Battlebowl. What exactly is the prize for winning the Battlebowl? Is it a number one contenders spot for a title or what? All I know is that last week I was involved in a Battlebowl qualifying match against Cocaine; and no matter who I ask, no matter where I look, I cannot find the answer which I seek. The closest I've gotten is "I'll get back to you on that."

Low and behold, just as Zyliss says that, his cell phone rings. This sudden interruption causes a look of "How Rude!" to come across his face as he answers. A man's voice is heard on the other end.

Zyliss: Hello?

Oh, hey.


Okay, thanks.

Zyliss hangs up, then looks back into the camera.

Zyliss: Scratch that last question. I was just informed that the winner of the Battlebowl will be awarded the UWN World Title. So now I know.

With that question answered, allow me to focus more now on a question that I have been asked. Where do I come from? I know this question has been burning in a few people's minds. The mystery that surrounds my life will remain just that. I do not see how where I come from or what my past life has to do with now. The past is the past and will forever remain the past. It may affect the future but it sure doesn't make any difference in this business. The only thing affecting this business is the sheer skill of its employees and their ability to keep it going. All I will say is that I've worked the independent circuit since I was 20 years old.

So now we move on to the reason of why I'm here in the UWN. The same reason anybody else would want to be on televised wrestling: the glory of it. As some of you may of heard, being a professional wrestler is my life long dream, and now being here in the UWN, that dream has come true. Granted, I paid the price for this dream. Living on almost nothing while attending wrestling school, waking up every morning with fresh bruises and aching muscles, getting paid less than minimum wage in the independent circuit, and so on and so forth. Every wrestler here knows what I'm talking about because they've all been through it just as I have. Looking back on it, I wouldn't of changed a thing if I had the chance to do it again because it all paid off in the end. Not many people can say they've accomplished their life dream- but I'm one of those people and I intend to follow through with this dream as long as I'm capable of doing so. Should the time arrive when I can no longer fulfill my duties as a wrestler, or when age and years of abusing my body has caught up with me, then I will take my leave of this business, knowing that I did something with my life.

With that, Zyliss walks out of the camera's view. The scene fades out as the camera's focus on the picture of a beautiful brunette that's lying next to Zyliss' duffel bag.