Zyliss once again finds himself alone. But this time for good until he finds another companion for the road. Strong Bad called him the other day and quit. Strong Bad just missed his computer too much to be on the road so much, so he quit.

Oh well. He wasn't really helping Zyliss anyways. Zyliss has managed pretty good so far. He managed to beat Cocaine to bring his winning streak to an astonishing 2 wins. He must be the most undefeated wrestler in the UWN right now, heh. Yep, he's impressing people, that's for sure. NOT! Well... considering that he's 6'7" and 290 pounds, he's got an advantage over most people that step in the ring against him. But that won't hold forever. Even Andre the Giant didn't go undefeated his entire career.

But back to the topic at hand. Zyliss is striving for that last rep on the bench. His spot, some hot chick that just happened to be lifting as well, is encouraging him.

Spot: Come on Zyliss! You can do this! Just one more!

Zyliss grits his teeth, forces the very last bit of air out of his lungs, and shoves the bar up one last time. His spot helps him set it down on the supports of the bench, and Zyliss sits up to catch his breath and wipe the sweat from his eyes.

Zyliss: Thanks.

Spot: No problem. Name's Mel by the way.

Zyliss: Zyliss. Nice to meet you.

Mel: I know. That's an odd name though.

Zyliss: It's a stage name.

Mel: Oh yeah?

Zyliss: Yeah. I'm a pro-wrestler. I just got signed on with the UWN a couple weeks ago.

Mel: I wouldn't know. I'm not a really big fan of wrestling.

Zyliss: Understandable. It ain't for everybody, but I've loved it since I was a kid.

Mel (her tone quickly changes to that "Okay weirdo" tone): Yeah, well.... I've gotta get back to my workout.

Zyliss: Thanks again.

Mel: No problem.

Mel walks out of the camera's view just as an excited fan rushes up to Zyliss. The man couldn't be more than 20 years old.

Man: I thought that was you!

Zyliss: You're a fan huh?

Man: Yep. Been watching the UWN ever since it came to the air. I watch it religiously. It sure beats that other crap on TV. WWE or whatever.

Zyliss chuckles.

Man: I don't suppose you'd wanna sign an autograph?

Zyliss: I s'pose so.

The man magically pulls a marker and a notebook seemingly out of nowhere. He hands it to Zyliss, and after signing the autograph, he continues to bug him.

Man: Name's Brian by the way. So I hear you're facing Cyrus this week on Chaos.

Zyliss stands and puts the weights of the bar back on their brackets, then walks over to the hip slide machine. Brian follows, still waiting for an answer.

Zyliss: Yeah. But he hasn't said much in the recent weeks.

Brian: I know. If I'm not here, at work, or watching Chaos, I'm on the UWN website getting all the inside info. I was actually the first member of the UWN fan club.

Zyliss: Good for you. A guy should have a hobby.

Brian: Yeah. So are you gonna destroy Cyrus at Chaos?

Zyliss chuckles again. He remembers little kids asking him questions like this back in the Independent circuit- and he can't help but compare this hardcore UWN fan to them.

Zyliss: I really couldn't say. I've looked at a few of his tapes, and he's a good wrestler.

Brian: Oh come on! You're supposed to say you're gonna slaughter him!

Zyliss (laughing): Well, I'm not about to make the mistake of thinking any of my opponents are an easy win.

Brian: Look at you! You're what, 6'7" and about 300 pounds! There's only 3 wrestlers that come close to your height, and only 2 that's taller than you! And you're one of the heaviest wrestlers on the roster! And you don't think you can handle most of the roster?!

Zyliss: It ain't that, I'd just rather not let my ego get ahead of my skill. Too many wrestlers go straight downhill when that happens. I've seen it too many times.

Brian: But still! Cyrus isn't as big as you! You shouldn't have a problem beating him!

Spotting the camera, Brian becomes as giddy as a school boy. He looks straight into the camera, as mean as he can look.

Brian: Look Cyrus, Zyliss is going to walk all over you at Chaos! You don't stand a chance against this man beast, and you sure as hell don't have any way of stopping him from destroying you! Zyliss will show you what the true meaning of defeat is!

Zyliss taps Brian on the shoulder.

Brian: Yes?

Zyliss: First of all, that's my job to stare at the cyclops and speak. Secondly, did you see that historical match between Shane McMahon and the Big Show when it was still WWF?

Brian: Yeah.

Zyliss: Enough said.

Brian: Yeah, I guess you're right. I just get over excited sometimes.

Zyliss: Well then my advice to you is to burn that energy up pumping iron- not jabbering.

Brian: Good idea. I'll leave you to your work out and go back to mine.

Zyliss: Okay.

Brian walks out of the scene and Zyliss just laughs as the scene fades to black.