The scene opens to reveal Zyliss and Strong Bad sitting in front of a computer that seems to run only in MS DOS prompt mode. Strong Bad seems to be in a fairly good mood as he types in "dir/P" and hits enter. A screen with a whole list of emails pops up onto the screen.

Strong Bad: What's up my scrollies? You guys are lookin' good.

Strong Bad types "strongbads_email.exe" onto the screen and a new email pops up.

Strong Bad: *singing* Gimme some a dis... gimme some a dis.... gimme some a dis!

"Hey Strong Bad,

How's it hangin? Last weekend I almost drank a one that was not cold. Has this ever happened to you?

Dan Waters
Dallax, TX"

Strong Bad types his response, talking out loud as he does so.

Strong Bad: Aw, Dan, you dodged a bullet man. Because let me tell you. A one that is not cold, is scarcely one at all. Allow me to demonstrate with one of my bogus mathematical thereoms. I call it "The Property of Ones."

It goes like this. "The One-itude, is directly proportional to the Cold-itude, of the one." So you got that Dan? The colder it is, the more of a one it is. Because you don't want to end up with a Cold None. I wouldn't wish that on anybody. But now in foreign lands, they've been known to drink not-so-cold ones, room-temperature ones, and even warm ones. Eww! But where I come from, it's CUH-HOLD ones. Though I have to admit, on certain evenings in late spring, a COOL one can be very refreshing. Ooh... that's good one!"

Zyliss is laughing as Strong Bad hits the send button. Strong Bad, seeming offended by the laughter at his great advice to Dan, stands up and leaves the room. Zyliss laughs for a few more moments, and then begins mumbling to himself.

Zyliss: Makes me wonder sometimes why I even keep him around. But I don't mind his company.

But enough of that. I've got to concentrate on my debut match this week. It's what's going to make or break my career here and if I don't perform like I know I can, it's all over. And who only knows what the fans are expecting of me. To them I'm just the 6'7" guy that walked in off the street. But that will all change after Chaos. They're either going to hate me or they're going to love me.

But why would they hate me? They were always on my side back in the Independent circuit. Then again, this is televised wrestling. It's not how you perform or what you do backstage... it's your charisma. I do have to admit that having the crowd behind you in a match always seems to give you that extra bit of motivation to be better than the man you're facing. It's a good feeling, and I just hope I can feel it again- on TV rather than nowhere.

The scene fades to black as Zyliss stands, stretches, and begins to leave the room.