I didn't know what to think. I'd just finished viewing BasketKase's, or more appropriately Dr. Lesher's, promo and my mind was blank. So many things to respond to. So many excuses to write off. Now if I could just get... ahh, there's one.

Zyliss: It's a shame, it really is. It's a shame because once again I will have to subject BasketKase to the rantings of Dr. Lesher when I make my first successful title defense.

Okay, so maybe that was kind of a weak way to get a promo started. I had so many things to say but in no particular order, and I just hope I can remember them all. Now, let's get serious.

Zyliss: Lesher, you can tell me about how BasketKase isn't used to opponents that can throw him around, about how he's an idiot savant, whatever. The fact remains that I beat him fair and square in the ring and I will do it again come Chaos. But what you're failing to realize is that the ability to adapt is one of many marks of a true champion. A true champion can adapt and overcome any given situation. Whether it was me or Lunacy Muse in that ring, if BasketKase were a true champion, he would have retained the title I'm holding right now. But he didn't. Now I'm not saying that BasketKase sucked when he held this title, because we all know he was a great Chaos champ- it's just that times change, and sooner or later there's going to be somebody that can get the better end of the deal. Such was the case at Chaos, and such will be the case at Chaos this week.

But I'd like to know what makes you think I'm going down because I was a little cocky a couple days ago? I may be dumb but I sure as hell ain't stupid Lesher. I know how attitude can affect in-ring performance, and if you think I'm stupid enough to have a cocky attitude going into that ring at Chaos you're dumber than I thought. That may work for the IWF, but I've got sense enough to know better.

I couldn't think of a better way to say it. You know for a so-called doctor, he sure says a lot of stupid shit. I'd just like to know what he's a doctor of. I mean hell, I could call myself Dr. Zyliss and claim to be a doctor of proctology (Authors note: That's science of the butt for those that don't know), but I don't. I just don't understand how I could be so ignorant. I had no idea Lesher was over 50. He doesn't even look it... then again, maybe I wasn't looking close enough either.

Zyliss: Now you talk of how BasketKase isn't an animal but an idiot savant... and I would think that for being a doctor your powers of observation are quite good. But they're not because you were too busy yelling at BasketKase to hear what I was saying. What I said was that BasketKase is an animal in the ring. Sure, I went on to say that he was nothing short of animal at any time... but considering that animals are kept on leashes and you keep BasketKase on a leash, I think there's truth to that statement. If he's so mental then why have you turned him into a circus act? It's disgusting that you're exploiting BasketKase like that. The man should be in a mental hospital, not a god damn wrestling ring. He may be good at it, but he doesn't belong here if he's not capable of dealing with it himself.

Then... then you try and tell me that BasketKase will be a better challenge at Chaos than he was last week? Lesher, I've beat your man before and despite what you believe, I will do it again. You can't sit there and deny what happened, and you can't sit there and try to tell me it's because BasketKase isn't used to a large opponent. It's all bullshit doc, and I'll prove that come Chaos because BasketKase will be nothing more than another wrestler to me. Vicious as he can be, quick as he can be, he's just a wrestler. And just like any wrestler here, he can be beaten.

Not exactly what you'd call "on a roll" but what the hell, I was making my points and that was enough for me.

Zyliss: So now you bring Sal Clemenzo into the picture. Tell me... is he your gaurantee that I'll lose this belt at Chaos? From the way I understand it he is... so, I guess I'm going to have to ready myself for interference then...

Zyliss digs into his pocket and pulls out a cell phone. He pushes a few buttons and then holds the phone to his ear. Moments pass and then the phone on the other end can be heard ringing. Someone picks up.

Zyliss: Yeah, Japhy? This is Zyliss, we need to talk...

The scene fades to black.