I finally did it. I finally captured my first title in the UWN and I couldn't be more proud of myself than I am now. Nobody interfered, nobody helped- it was all me. From the very first blow of the match, to the 3rd time the referee's hand hit the canvas, it was all my own doing. I've got damn good reason to be proud of my accomplishment... I couldn't help but flash a cocky grin at the camera when I saw it. I proudly displayed the UWN Chaos Title on my shoulder.

Zyliss: You see this? This is what happens when real wrestlers have the motivation to succeed. Not a single thing happened that can make anybody say that this wasn't my own doing, to say that the victory was tainted. Millions of people worldwide watched as I single-handedly defeated BasketKase, and as much as they may hate me for doing so, they can't say it was a fluke. Everybody knows that BasketKase is nothing short of an animal in that ring, hell he's nothing short of an animal at any time, but I went into that match with every intention to win it and I did exactly that.

I can still hear them in my head when that bell rang. When my arm was raised in victory and every last person in that arena was booing. Every single person hated me for taking out one of their favorite wrestlers, but I did it. And I'd do it again.

And isn't it conveniant that I have that exact opportunity to do so this week? I mean, I knew that former champions were awarded their rematch, but I didn't think it would happen so soon. But that's okay, because even when Chaos rolls around 6 days from now, I'll still be fresh off my win over BasketKase. I'll still remember every little trick he tried to pull, and I'll still remember what it took to beat him. And that knowledge will serve nothing more than to beat him again. After all, knowledge is power... at least that's what they say.

Cocky as I may sound, I have every right to be. I mean hell, if wrestlers like Eternity and Avenger and Dante can be cocky 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; who says I can't be cocky after winning my first title? Well... probably a lot of people but dammit, screw them!

Zyliss: I'd just like to know how badly Dr. Lesher beat BasketKase after I took the title. Everybody knows Lesher treats BK like an animal, what with leading him around on a leash and all; and as much of an animal as BK may be, it's kind of sad to see a man that doesn't have the guts to step into that ring himself. Using another man for your own success... just seems a little too... how do I say... pussy-like? Something to that extent.

Now I know what you must be thinking right now. "But Japhy is using you for his own success!" right? True as that may be, I'm doing just the same to Japhy. We have a business deal. Japhy uses me to gain success, I use Japhy for my own success. It's made me probably the most hated man in the UWN next to Japhy himself, but what the hell? Business is business, and I've never gone back on my word. Until Japhy is either in complete control of the UWN or completely in the gutter, I'll be standing by his side, fulfilling my end of the deal. And when the time comes that Japhy is in complete control of the UWN, and he will be, contract terminated.

Hey, I had to say it. As much as I despise Japhy, I've gotta at least make it sound like I'm supporting him don't I? He's not what I'd call a likeable fella, because we all know his personality is very similar to that of a woman. But what the hell. The longer he and Sal Paradise fight over control of the UWN, the more time I have to use him for my own success. After all, that's what I've been after since I signed the UWN contract.

Zyliss: BasketKase, I'll see you in the ring at Chaos. And just like last night, you'll be a stepping stone on my path to the top.

God that sounded really, really gay. "You'll be a stepping stone on my path to the top"? What the hell was I thinking? I mean, how old is that phrase and how many wrestlers have said that exact phrase in 63 different ways? I think I'm gonna go outside and hit myself in the head now... possibly with a brick.