The scene opens inside a Kansas City gym around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. A semi-large crowd is gathered on one side of the gym, obviously fascinated with something. The camera pushes through the people and once on the inside of the crowd, we see Zyliss finishing up a set on the bench. He's much slimmer than the last time we saw him, though he still has quite a few pounds to go before he'll lose all the flab. The crowd is obviously amazed at the fact that he's doing repetitions like a madman. He's effortlessly lifting the 365 pound bar as his spot counts out loud.

Spot: 23... 24... 25.

The spot helps Zyliss rest the bar on its supports and Zyliss sits up, grabbing a towel and wiping the sweat off his forehead and arms as the crowd disapates. He rests a minute, and we see his eyes are bloodshot. He rubs his eyes and then stands and walks over to an inclined bench. Not an incline bench press, just an inclined bench. He lies down on it and it's obvious now that the bench is intended for crunches. He's about to begin a set of crunches when he spots the camera. He just shakes his head and stands up.

Zyliss: Must you bother me now? I'm trying to put on weight here. I'm very tired and I've been dying for some food since I walked through the doors to this gym. But that can't happen right now. I've gained a good 35 pounds of muscle in the past 18 hours and I've got at least another 10 to 20 pounds to go before I'm at the weight I want to be at. As much as it's draining me, it's working beautifully. That's the difference between the men and the boys in this business. The men are willing to do whatever it takes to stay on top, the boys get where they wanna be and just stop working at it.

I suppose you could say that's why Avenger and Eternity are going down at Chaos. They think that no one is ever going to be able to knock them off the top of the mountain they're on right now. But what they don't get is that it's already been done. Japhy Ryder did it at Mayhem. The second Eternity lost that match was the second they became only the second highest on the UWN food chain. Who's at the top? Why, the Aggression Pact of course. And none of that's going to change at Chaos or Wargames or any other event for that matter. They can try all they want, but nobody, not even Sal Paradise, can stop us. It's inevitable that the Aggression Pact is destined to stay on top of the UWN; and we're willing to do anything it takes to do that... anything. That's why I'm here, in this gym right now.

Avenger wants to brag about how he's bigger than me? Well, judging by the rate I've been gaining weight, I give it about 5 or 6 more hours and maybe 2 more protien shakes before I'm bigger than Avenger. Compared to the length of time I've been working out so far, that's nothing at all. I'm on the homestretch, and if I wouldn't have camera crews bugging me then I'd only get done quicker. But that's alright. This experience has definitely been a test of my endurance; and considering that I pretty much put up with Avenger and Double Trouble myself for a good majority of the match at Chaos, I'd say I'm getting better than I've ever been. That's not to say that Cross didn't do his portion at Chaos (chuckles) after all, he did cause the match to end with that tricky nose bite of his. Speaking of which, how's your nose feeling DT?

Zyliss looks sympathetically into the camera, and brushes his finger under his eye, acting as though he were wiping away a tear.

Zyliss: Is your poor little nose healing well? I would hope so, but since I'd rather get back to my workout, I don't think I'm going to bother with hoping your nose heals up nicely.

Just remember this Avenger, Eternity. Come Chaos, there's one of two ways for our match to end: Rated R and myself winning, and the IWF losing. Have a good day- I've got a workout to get back to.

The camera crew takes that as their cue to leave, and they do so as the scene fades to black and Zyliss begins doing crunches.