The scene opens to reveal Zyliss as he makes his way down a street- on the sidewalk of course. We wouldn't want him to get accidentally run down, afterall, he's got a tag partner this week. His trenchcoat buttoned to stop the chill of the night air as he walks calmly through it, hands in his pockets, he stares at the ground in front of him as if there were a lot on his mind. His black hair falls over his eyes, preventing a clear look at his face. A panhandler sitting on the ground in the most skanky, disgusting form he could possibly be in, asks Zyliss if he has any spare change. Zyliss walks past him as if he didn't even notice. Purposely? Could be. Or is it possible that he truly didn't notice the panhandler as his mind is simply too crowded?

The scene fades to black, then returns a moment later as Zyliss is relaxing on his motel bed. He knows the camera is there, but isn't acknowledging its presence. Reaching for the remote to the TV, Zyliss takes it in hand and turns the TV off, then sits up on the edge of the bed and rubs his face, pushing his hair out of the way. Getting a first glimpse at his face, he has that look of a man on a mission in his eyes. He takes a deep breath.

Zyliss: Well, vacation is over. And, as always, here you are, waiting... just waiting for me to talk. Waiting to hear what I have to say about my upcoming tag match at Chaos. Waiting for me to speak of the things to come, and to hear my claim on a victory that's not even mine yet. I tell ya in my entire life, I've never seen workers that have been so dedicated to their jobs. But I suppose, when feeding yourselves, your wives, your children... paying the rent or mortage... putting gas in the tank of your cars... whatever... when all that depends on every second of promo you record, every frame of film you use, it's completely understandable.

Zyliss clears his throat.

Zyliss: So what's to say? Perhaps I should reflect on the events that occured at Mayhem. My opponent Ash... what a joke. This guy tells me all week how he's going to destroy me, make me bleed, make me feel pain... and all week, I laughed in his face about it because he was too stoned to know the difference. Not to mention the fact that I showed up to the match half drunk. Hey, I figured I should even the odds a little bit. I'll admit, beating the piss out of people is fun, but beating the piss out of people that don't know the difference between their ass and a hole in the ground somehow loses its touch. So, I showed up a little tipsy to even the odds. Besides, it was New Years Eve- everybody's gotta have a little fun then, don't they?

Next was that little skirmish between Eternity and my "leader" of sorts, Japhy Ryder. I'll be the first to admit that the way the match ended was a bit... unorthodox. However, as the famous saying goes, "All's fair in love and war," and if my sources are correct, it was the IWF that waged war on the Aggression Pact. So Eternity, you lost in the most fair manner possible.

And finally, the main event consisted of a fellow Aggressioneer, Cross (Authors Note: I think he's in the Pact... isn't he?), facing Dante and Double Trouble for the UWN World Title. A match in which, I'm sorry to say, Cross didn't win. But that's okay... he'll get his time again, and when that time comes, it will be his.

Speaking of Cross, I believe he's my tag partner in the pre-main event on Chaos this week. At least that's what this says. (Zyliss holds up a sheet of paper, which can only have the card for Chaos written on it.) Heh... imagine that. I go from curtain jerker one show to pre-main eventer the next. Looks like my bargain with Japhy Ryder is already beginning to pay off. He's already sending me to destroy what little of the IWF is left. God only knows that Eternity is going ape shit right now because he lost to Japhy. Too bad, so sad... cry me a river.

So Cross, as a fellow Aggressioneer, we know what we have to do. We've got to go into that ring and show those two what the Aggression Pact is really made of. With the IWF still running around, they'll never quit until we've squashed them like the flies that they are.

Zyliss nods into the camera, as if Cross were standing right there in front of him.

Zyliss: Moving on to the soon-to-be-destroyed IWF members, DT and Avenger. Only one of you I've met in the ring before, the other I have not, though, I must say, your fight at Mayhem was quite interesting to watch, DT. You tried so hard, didn't you? And yet, you just couldn't pull it off. It must've killed you mentally to see Dante holding that World Title after you did the best you could to retain it. After you poured everything you had, every ounce of adrenaline you could muster, every drop of blood... and you still couldn't do it. Well prepare yourself for yet another disappointment, because the curtain jerker of UWN Mayhem and Cross are about to hand you a second consecutive loss.

And Avenger... it seems fate keeps bringing us together doesn't it? A mere 2 weeks ago we met in the ring, a meeting that you did manage to scrape together a win. Of course, had I had a tag partner that was worth a shit, we might've just beaten you. But I'm not going to make excuses about last time. It's in the past. Sealed, done with, set in stone... nothing can change it.

But the future... oh my lordy how the future can be changed. Like right now, I bet you've got it in your mind that you're going to win this match. That you're going to pummel us until not another ounce of energy is left in your bones. But that attitude will change in the smallest fraction of a second. All it takes is one vertebreaker Avenger. Just one... and then, your wishful thinking will disappear from your mind, because you will be looking at yet another failure in your career. That failure will be me and Cross as we hold our arms up in victory over your motionless body.

Of course, you've beaten me in this sort of match before. So the way I see it, I still owe you one Avenger. I still owe the IWF one. I always repay what I owe. Come Mayhem, I can and I will... no... we can and we will repay you for what we owe you. And I'm sure you'd just love to collect...

The scene fades to black as Zyliss stands up and pulls on his trenchcoat.