(OOC: I'm writing this unsure if I'm past the deadline or not, so if it don't count, oh well.)

The scene opens to reveal Zyliss sitting backwards on a chair. The background is nothing extravagant, just a white wall. His face is all that can be seen in the camera's eye. A backwards hat, his black hair pulled back out of his eyes, and a look of intent on his face. Ugly as it is, he had to make it uglier by having a look of intent on it.

Zyliss: You say you got kicked out of the WWE because of an accident? Because you accidentally broke a rookies neck? Was it because you were too f*cking stoned to concentrate on what you were doing? Accidents aren't accidents at all Ash. Accidents happen because people don't know what the hell they're doing, because they aren't paying attention. If a ladder breaks and man falls 20 feet to the ground and breaks his arm, it's not the ladders fault. It's because the man on the ladder was too f*cking retarded to make sure the ladder was safe to use before climbing unto it. If a small child dies after the car he was riding in gets T-boned by a semi, it wasn't an accident. It was because the driver of the said car wasn't paying attention. You get what I'm saying here Ash? You were kicked out of the WWE for that accident because it was your fault to begin with. Probably the rookie's fault too because he was nervous and more content on calming down than concentrating on landing that superplex right.

And now, you want me to stop "talking shit"? You got it. All shit-talk aside, I still don't think of you as a threat.

I've explained why to you time and time again, and to be honest, I'm not gonna explain it again. You know I don't consider you a threat, I know I don't consider you a threat, and so does anybody else that has listened to me speak up until now.

So here's what I am gonna say to you: kick my ass. No, I didn't stutter. I did say kick my ass. Go ahead and do it Ash. Walk up to me in broad daylight and kick my ass in front of an entire crowd- see if I care. Prove to me and the entire world just what kind of man you are. It won't change the fact that come Mayhem, you'll be where you belong: on the mat.

You say that weed is the only thing that's keeping you from doing that? I might just have to let you win this match out of pure pity. A one-punch knockout if you catch my drift. If you're that dependent on a drug, sucks to be you. If THC is the only thing that keeps you calm, I highly reccomend you see a therapist; because it sounds to me like you've got a problem. A very serious problem.

After learning that THC is the only thing keeping you from "beating my ass in front of a crowd," I am now scared for my life. Because if you're so dependent on that drug to keep you calm, the only thing you're gonna be worried about during out match is catching a buzz. You won't give two f*cks about what happens in that ring; all you'll be thinking about is that fat "J" you'll be rolling after its over. So that only leaves me with two choices:

one, let you win the match with ease so you can get back to your bud smoking;

or two, not even give you the chance to land any kind of blow unto me. Considering that my career can only go up from here on, I think that's exactly what I'm gonna do. Because you're not worthy of winning another match. You're not worthy of even being given the opportunity you f*cking druggie. You think you're better than me? F*ck you. You don't even know the first thing about me. All you know is that you've gotta face me at Mayhem and for some reason or another you're making it personal.

You know what this match is to me? Business and that's all it's ever going to be. I'm getting paid to kick ass, not get my ass kicked. The more I win, the higher up I get. Soon I'll be entering the race for the gold, and when that happens, oh my lord how the money's gonna be rolling in. You wanna make this personal? That's your business, don't make it mine. This is a job to me. This is my career. This is how I make my living. And you Ash- you're just another piece of paper, waiting for my signature...

The scene fades out as Zyliss continues to stare intently into the camera.