Ahh, the arena. The one place that, after the grunts are finished setting up, and up until the night of the show, is the one place to find absolute solitude. Well, the hotel rooms work too, but for the purposes of this RP, the setting is better inside the arena. The camera crew finds Zyliss leaning against a turnbuckle of the ring, sitting down, his large arms stretched out on the ropes. Coincidence? I think not! Panning around to get a better shot of him, the camera person rolls inside the ring and then stands to get a shot of Zyliss from above. The top of his head is awful pretty icon_wink.gif Well, not really, but after Ash's comments in his last RP, I had to do it:D Anyway, Zyliss is unsurprised to see the camera there. After all, he did call that rat bastard in.

Zyliss: Lack of intelligence? Lack... of... intelligence? I love to suck dick? Me? Suck... dick? You... a threat? You... inflict pain... on me?

Zyliss is silent for a moment and hangs his head, then begins to chuckle. The chuckling grows louder and is soon an all-out appreciative laugh. Suddenly the laughter stops, and Zyliss looks straight into the camera, his face straighter than a crooked arrow.

Zyliss: I've gotta give you stoners credit for one thing: you know how to make a guy laugh. In fact, after watching that promo of yours, I had to repress my laughter so I could save it for this very moment. I tell ya Ash, only seeing Eternity's performance in the ring makes me laugh harder.

You truly are pathetic Ash, you know that? And here's my proof.

Zyliss holds up a hand-held audio tape recorder. He pushes the play button. The voice is none other than Ash's.

WWE? If i wasnt kicked out maybe i would go back

Zyliss pushes stop.

Zyliss: That's my proof. If you got kicked out of the WWE, you truly are pathetic. You hardly have to wrestle there anymore! It's all bullsh*t in the ring and backstage segments anymore. And you got kicked out of that? Honestly Ash, even Hugh Morrus had the talent to work in the WWE for a little bit, and he's gotta be the biggest jobber of all time!

I guess I can't really blame you though. I mean, if you'd put out that "J" for a second and come down from that cloud, you might realize just how badly you suck. Then maybe you could actually improve. Unfortunately, you're just too damn stoned. It's any wonder why I'm bothering with you at all. I definitely have better things to do with my time than waste it kicking the sh*t out of some druggie who's only direction in life is up. And I don't mean that in a career advancement sense.

But what can I expect from a guy who has a name for a steel chair? Tell "Charlie" I said hi, and that he shouldn't expect any work at Mayhem.

Zyliss pulls himself to his feet and begins pacing around the ring.

Zyliss: No wonder you think you're so good. Your brain is so caked with THC you're too stupid to see the obvious.

And tell me this Ash, when did I ever mention your past? I watched my last promo over and over and over again, and not once did I hear myself say a damned word about your past. Are you really that stoned? Are you hallucinating? Are you hearing things? Are you tripping on shrooms now too? What the hell? I've said it a hundred times before and I'll say it again: the past is of no importance, it's the future that matters. I don't give a damn if you've lost in the past, if you've won, if one of your matches came to a draw. I honestly do not give a shit. Because all that matters is that you're going to lose at Mayhem.

Little man? I'm damn near seven feet tall you freakin' hippy! Why don't you go preach about saving the whales or some sh*t? You're a lot better off doing that then you will be after I get through with you. The fans of the UWN are expecting one hell of a show come Mayhem, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna let them down because some stoner mother f*cker is too diluted to accept the fact that he's gonna get his ass kicked! I'm not typically a crowd-pleaser, but in your case I'll be willing to make an exception.

You only seem to understand this kind of talk, so understand something here: there's gonna be pain, there's gonna be blood, and there's gonna be ass-kicking at Mayhem. But the only one in pain, the only one bleeding, and the only one on the receiving end of an ass-kicking is gonna be YOU!

Zyliss stares intensely into the camera as the scene fades to black.