The scene opens inside of a small cafe somewhere in St. Louis. We find Zyliss enjoying a hearty bowl of beef stew and bread and butter on the side with a nice cold beer to drink. Now that's good eatin' right there. (Authors Note: Trust me on that, I just had it before I started writing this RP.) After he finishes up the last few bites of his bread, Zyliss drops a few dollars for a tip on the table, pays for his meal, and after buttoning up his black trenchcoat, heads outside where a light snow has begun to fall and mix with the dense fog. (Authors Note: Hey, that may not be the current MO conditions, but this is fantasy... isn't it?) After taking a deep breath of the fresh winter air, Zyliss begins to walk back towards his hotel. The camera stays ahead of him, hoping for a promo-while-they-walk, and are completely successful! Imagine that.

Zyliss: Ash, Ash, Ash... so paranoid aren't we? It's a shame... I almost thought for a few days that I would be stepping into the ring with the strong, silent type. But no, I've been disappointed when I found out you were everything less than a man. Come to think of it, after viewing that crap, you look more like a cheap whore than you did before. You should've just kept your mouth shut- things would've been better off that way. But no, you had to go beat the crap out of some innocent soul because you were that paranoid that I'm gonna come after you before the match. What does this look like? That crap WWE or whatever? For God's sake man, this is the UWN! This is where the real men come to wrestle! If you wanna be paranoid about getting attacked before a match, sign a contract with the WWE. You obviously don't belong here.

Since you've decided to finally open your mouth instead of your legs, let me let you in on something. When I said think about it, I didn't mean take 4 freakin' days to do it! In the time it took you to think about what I had to say you could've been sucking dick...

An enlightened look comes over Zyliss' face.

Zyliss: That's it... I get it now. It only took you a few minutes to think about what I said- you were just too much in need of cum dribbling off your chin that you didn't have time to respond. Ohh... okay.

But anyway, as I was saying, next time you have to face a real competitor, which is pretty much everybody in the UWN except you, try giving them a challenge. It's no wonder Cocaine beat your ass- you hardly challenged him.

You wanna know why I don't consider you a threat? Because you're not, plain and simple. If you were, then you would've had the balls to answer the door like any normal being would have. Even if it was me. But you were so paranoid and scared that I'd attack you, like only a coward would do, that you didn't have the balls to answer the door. Instead what'd you do? You hid in the dark, attacked the camera man without even thinking, then stepped out of the smoke like some kind of bad ass. That's a false confidence if I ever saw it. Add to that the fact that you acted without thinking first, and you're number one on the no-talent "A" list.

Only those that act without thinking aren't a threat. Now those that plan, those that strategize- they're the threats. They're the ones that get things done and the ones that are victorious in the end. Why do you think the Aggression Pact is getting the better of the IWF? Because we plan, we strategize, also known as pro-acting. Then we wait for the right moment, and attack. The IWF is getting their asses kicked because they're reacting, not pro-acting. If they would just take the time to plan out what they only hope they could accomplish, they'd be a lot further ahead then they are now. But they don't. They take things as they come and don't think ahead. That's a fine life if you're the average worker, but in this business you gotta think ahead. It starts clear back from that very first step through the doors of wrestling school. If you don't think ahead, if you don't have a plan just in case you don't make it, you're f*cked. But if you prepare for it, everything will be fine.

That's why you're no threat to me Ash. You react instead of proact. And come Mayhem, I'm gonna prove it.

Zyliss pushes past the camera crew. The camera turns and watches him until he disappears into the fog. The scene fades to black.