The scene opens inside the Aggression Pact's locker room just after Chaos has gone off the air. It hasn't even been 5 minutes and the f*cking camera crews are looking for someone to bother for a promo for the upcoming UWN pay per view event, Mayhem.

The locker room is pretty much vacant except for one person. Yep, you guessed it- none other than Zyliss. Sitting quietly, shirtless, a towel draped over his shoulder, elbows resting on his knees and his shoulder-length black hair still soaked in sweat, he has an unusual grin on his face despite losing his match earlier in the night. The camera's pan around to get a front view of the 290 pounder, he spies the camera and his grin just gets bigger.

Zyliss: So Eternity, Avenger... especially you Avenger... bet you're not feeling too great right about now. Especially after that ass-kicking you were dealt by none other than myself and Shadow. Oh sure, you won the match, but in the end it was the Aggression Pact that got the better of you.

See that's the difference between our two little clicks Eternity. The IWF prefers to stand for honor and the fair battle and all that crap whereas the Aggression Pact doesn't give two shits- as long as the job gets done that's all that matters.

Careful with that knee at the pay per view Avenger- wouldn't want you to injure it further.

Zyliss uses the towel to wipe some sweat off his forehead.

Zyliss: But enough about that. Why don't I concentrate on the matter at hand, since, after all, the future is all that matters.

By this of course I mean Ash, my upcoming opponent for UWN Mayhem. Looks like this is a lose-lose situation for you, doesn't it? I mean, not only do you have to open the pay per view, but I'm forced to add insult to injury by kicking your ass. Now isn't that just a kick in the teeth? You've got experience here, you've put in your time, and now you've gotta face some nobody in the opening match of the pay per view. Sucks huh?

No matter though. I've got nothing to lose in this match. You, however, do. You've got whatever reputation you've made for yourself here, and if you lose this match, you'll be left with nothing except those other sorry members of the 4:20 Flock. You can thank your buddy Dragon for the ass-kicking in which you are about to receive.

See, it was Dragon that got a bug up his ass when Japhy Ryder approached him in a very gentlemanly and business like manner. But could Dragon appreciate this? No. So, since Dragon was a prick, you're the one that has to pay for that. What kind of group is that? Do you really want to be a part of something that's going to use you as their whipping boy?

Now you think about that. And when you have an answer, then you know how to reach me.

The scene fades to black as that mysterious grin returns to the face of Zyliss.