It's a warm evening in Memphis despite being damn near Christmas. Not hot enough to be walking around shirtless, but not cold enough to need a jacket- just right. A UWN camera crew has "coincidentally" found Zyliss enjoying the sunset on a park bench, chewing what appears to be gum. Granted, he had to beat the crap out of some drunk, homeless guy for it since it was the only bench in the park that had a clear view of the sunset, but that's beside point. Held in his hand is a piece of paper or picture or something that's 8x10. What's odd about the object is that a corner appears to be torn off. As the camera's close in on Zyliss, he swallows whatever he was chewing, then lifts up the paper, and bites into it, tearing off yet more of it. Pulling around to the side as Zyliss rests his hand against his leg, we see that it is an autographed picture of Avenger. Now how in the world did he get that?

After swallowing the chunk of picture, Zyliss begins speaking. Not into the camera, as that usually tends to happen- but speaks, knowing his opponents will hear him.

Zyliss: Eternity, if you're so smart, then tell me this: what have I got to lose? I've not nearly established a career in the UWN, and I'm yet to even claim a title. So what have I got to lose by joining the 420 Flock? According to you, I have my entire wrestling career to lose- or so you think. But I'm going to have to contradict you on that. Despite what you think will happen or what you would like to do, injuries heal. Rehabilitation happens. The doctors, over the years, have told hundreds of wrestlers that they'll never wrestle again- and only very few of them have listened. The body does what you tell it to do. With the right mindset a man can live through a sixteen foot fall off the top of a cell and walk out of the arena. With the right mindset a man can jump from 30 feet up and land an elbow drop on a man that's twice his size. With the right mindset a man can withstand numerous chair shots and still win the match. You get what I'm saying Eternity?

I have nothing to lose by doing this. But am I to understand, from what you've said, that you would prefer I was on your end of the battlefield? That's what I heard, and I quote:

"But you should never neglect to look to the other side.... And what THEY can do to your career..."

Am I to understand that as you wanting me to help you defeat Japhy Ryder's army against you? It sure sounds that way. But I'm not about to jump to conclusions. If you are looking for help, all I can tell you is look elsewhere. As I told you before, when I returned, I was approached by someone with a business proposal. As you've figured out, that man was Japhy Ryder. Simply put, he got to me first. If you would've been the one that approached me, I'd be on your side right now. But I'm not.

You may be 20 percent owner of the UWN Eternity, but the way things look, Japhy Ryder's got what he needs to make things go the way he wants them to. Why help out someone who's fight isn't even worth fighting? I gave up on that a long time ago Eternity. Someone once said "It is better to be the devil's right hand man than to be in his path" or some trash like that. You may see Japhy as the devil or a fed killer, I see him as someone that can help me get what I want.

You wanna talk about how no matter how big the numbers are, we'll never defeat you in spirit? Wake up Eternity. Spirit is nothing in this game- kicking ass is everything. And come Chaos, you're the one that's going to be on the receiving end of that ass kicking. Course, it would make things a lot easier if my tag partner would show his face a time or two, but oh well. He'll be there at Chaos.

Zyliss pauses and takes another bite out of the picture. He takes his sweet little time to chew it up and swallow it. Not only is talking with your mouth full bad manners, but if you don't chew your food, you could choke.

Zyliss: And now I turn my attention to Avenger. Thanks for the picture, it's high in fiber so I'm sure I'll be full of gas and bloated tomorrow, but it tastes like sh*t. Just goes to show that your pictures are just as bad as you are: full of sh*t and an ache in everybody's side.

You see Avenger, I may of overlooked a few things, but you've straight up made an assumption. The assumption that I'm merely a rookie. Listen carefully Avenger. Assuming makes an ass out of u and me.

You're right Avenger, experience is a great teacher. I've learned lots of tricks in my experience. But what you have overlooked is the fact that you know nothing about me, except that we'll be facing each other at Chaos. You don't know how long I've been a wrestler, you don't know how many victories or losses I have, and you sure as hell don't know how good I am in the ring. Why? Because, as I've said many times, the past is of no importance, it's the future that matters. For all you know, I've got more experience in the ring than you do. Of course you'd never believe that since you're obviously too full of yourself to accept the fact that you just might lose at Chaos. That's the problem with wrestlers like you. It's not your style, it's not your experience, it's your ego.

I've seen countless wrestlers let their ego get ahead of them and that's when they start going downhill. They never understood that if they'd just take a minute, step back, and look at what they've done, they would realize what's going on. But they never do, and you seem to be doing just that. Don't preach to me about how your in-ring performance is an art, because from what I've seen, you're just another ego-crazed wrestler that's been lucky enough to keep winning. But that luck will run out someday Avenger, and that day will be Wednesday.

God knows I agree with you- 90 percent of the crap you see on TV anymore isn't wrestling. Are you that foolish to believe that I've never participated in a 15 minute long match? Or that I don't have the stamina it takes to last an hour in the ring? And do I really look like I backflip off the top rope everytime I go out there? I'm 6'9" for crying out loud! I have a hard time executing a clothesline off the top, let alone a damn backflip!

Wake up Avenger. This isn't 1982 anymore. It's 20 years later and things have changed. If you're not willing to change with them, then you'll be left in the dust just like all the others. It's not about what you like to do in the ring anymore, it's about what the people want to see. The fans want to see chairshots. The fans want to see backflips. That's why they call it sports entertainment instead of professional wrestling now- because it's all about pleasing the fans. Just like the season when the Detroit Lions lost 10 games in a row. With every disappointing performance that came, more and more Lions fans failed to show up to the stands.

So it is now, that I ask you- are you really old school, or are you just a couple of old fools?

Zyliss takes another bite out of the picture and silently chews on it as the scene fades to black.

-Off camera

Zyliss spits out that last bite of picture, gagging.

Zyliss: God, did you really have to make me eat that crap? I about choked 5 freakin' times!

Camera person: Sorry.

Zyliss: You should be!