The scene opens seemingly in the middle of nowhere. Nothing but sand, cactus, and tumbleweed as far as the eye can see... a desert, not that you couldn't guess that. The sun is beating down harshly on the terrain that's spread before the camera's eye- and it is in this place that we find Zyliss, along with his manager Strong Bad. (If you know what/who Strong Bad is, then you'll understand. If not, I'm sorry) Zyliss is in the middle of a set of push-ups as Strong Bad just stands there, watching him.

Zyliss: 48... 49... 50.

Zyliss stands and takes a moment to drink some water and wipe the sweat from his face.

Strong Bad: Are you sure about this man?

Zyliss: Of course I'm sure. Why wouldn't I be?

Strong Bad: Because it's like... not normal. Running 5 miles on an indoor track? Normal. Running 5 miles in the middle of the freakin' desert? Insane.

Zyliss: You cannot expect your body to do what you want it to unless you train it in the most extreme of conditions.

Strong Bad: So train in a sauna or something. Next thing you know you'll be running around bare-ass naked in Alaska or something.

Zyliss: You gonna follow me or not?

Strong Bad: I'm just glad I get to drive the dunebuggy. I love that dunebuggy.

Zyliss: Then let's go.

Strong Bad: Did anybody ever tell you... you're freakin' crazy!? Why are you doing all this anyways?

Zyliss: Because I've got my first big time match in about a week against Steve Hawkins, a UWN superstar. What kind of impression will I make if I don't win it?

Strong Bad: A damn good one. You go winning matches left and right and people will be expecting you to win all the time. Lose your first few matches, then they don't expect so much of you and you can advance at your own pace.

Zyliss: What the hell am I paying you for again? Seriously, because you sure aren't helping my attitude any.

Strong Bad: Uhm... That's not the point. We're here so you can train. So just get running, will you?

Zyliss chuckles and takes off running. Strong Bad takes a moment to get the nearby dunebuggy started, and then catches up with Zyliss as the scene fades to black.