The Technicians

Click on RP title below to read the RP. Most of them are tag team RP's, but there were the times when I each was in singles matches as well. This is just from their career in BLPW (all the ACW work was lost), from their very first "promo" up until... well, whenever they stop! Yes, marvel in amazement as the Technicians evolve into the best tag team to ever enter the ranks of the efedding world! Enjoy.

A Snake with Armpits is Freakin' Deadly! (Part 1)

A Snake with Armpits is Freakin' Deadly! (Part 2)

It's That Clock

Confidence Boosting Is A Bitch

In the Land of Chimpanzee's I was a Human


RoboCop vs. The Terminator (in modified sumo-wrestling)

The Techs Meet... (XWA Vets- you really wanna read this!)

Oh, There's 2 of Them... (some really bad ripoffs in here)

A New Tattoo

Is it Just me, or...?

Finalizing the Contract (w/ special guest JC Michaels)

Blah ba blah ba fuckin' blah!

Oh Hell Yeah (no real point to this, just bored)

Gotta Find It

Attack of the Bubbles

The Mech-Warrior In Action (Part 1)

The Mech-Warrior In Action (Part 2)

The Mech-Warrior In Action (Final Part)

The Technicians and the Really Corny Ripoff(s)


The War of 2002

Imitation Ace

Behind Enemy Lines

One More Time

The End of Insanity? (Part 1)

The End of Insanity? (Part 2)

Human Liquid Bi-Product

Nothing to Lose... Nothing to Gain

The Disappearing, Reappearing Beer

A BLPW Magazine Article

Emily is Drunk... Nothing More To It

Mech-Warrior to the... Bedroom?

Very, Very Quick-Like (not even an RP)

Sleepy Time!

I Can't Think of a Title

The Truth About Epic

A "Bugs" Life

Old Tyme Promo

Advanced Calculus

No Hangovers for Us!

Good To Be Back

Promo Time?

A Good Ol' Drunken Technicians Promo

Home For The Holidays

Stomp... I Mean Slap

The BLPW New Years Eve Party

No, I Did!


No, I Did! (the 2nd installment)

Are We Really Worth Fighting Over?

Sir Elektra and Mech-Warrior

Slap-Happy Again

Killin' Green Bugs

*Sigh* More Force To Deal With

The Force My Foot!

Eccentric + Electric= Bad News for Borac!

Undercover Mech

Forgotten Phrases

The Interview (feat. the Law)

Ultimate Hardware Match...? Sounds Bloody!

Mike Hawk (w/ special guest Mike Hawk)

What Number Am I Thinking Of?



Keeping Chocolate Cookie (erm... Heath Newton) Occupied

Conspiracy To Commit... Stalking? That's What She Thinks!

Oh-ho-ho, This is Getting Good!

Who's Crazier?

To Beat The Woman, You Must Become The Woman

They Couldn't Forget Us... Could They?

The Melting Pot RP

So Shall It Be Written

A Good Ol' Fashioned Tech-Style RP

Meh, It Happens


A Surprise

In The Dark

Still In The Dark

The Plot Thickens

Trouble In Paradise

An Appointment

The Real Moment of Truth

The Real Moment of Truth(Part 2)

The Technicians Final BLPW Appearance...

Technicians Check...

Tech Check 2...

Tech Check 3...