The scene opens to reveal the BLPW's newest Tag Team Champions in the backstage area after Epic has gone off the air. They seem to be in good spirits after their huge victory, though it was easily executed for this duo as stated by that commentator who's name isn't important enough for me to remember. The Mechanic, however, seems to be in the best of moods. Finally, after almost 2 years in the business, he's tasted gold. He sits in the corner of the room with the belt in his lap, caressing its shiny gold surface. The Electrician, on the other hand, has his lying on the bench as he pulls on a shirt. Out of nowhere, there's a knock at the door. The Electrician walks over and opens it to find Paul Stevenson on the other side.

E: You need something?

Paul: Just dropped by to give you next week's card. Congrats on the win too. You guys did great.

E: Sure.

The Electrician grabs a slip of paper from Paul's hand and slams the door in his face. He opens it up and begins to read it.

E: Hey Mech... check this out. We're flying solo next week.

M: Huh?

E: Yeah, we each have a singles match. I gotta take on Mr. Satan, and you got the new guy Orisis... erm... Orsis... I mean... this guy!

The Electrician points to Osiris's name on the card.

M: Whoa.... been a long time since I've had a singles match. I don't know if I can handle it.

The Electrician... yes, you guessed it... reaches out and pimp-slaps his brother.

E: Will you knock it off with that sh*t?! Damn... you're always doubting yourself. I swear, a 3 year old trying to get into the cookie jar has more confidence than you! We just won the BLPW Tag Team Titles in our second match here! Most guys would go ballistic to have accomplished that, especially in such a prestigous fed as the BLPW. But you, you accomplish that feat and what do you do? You let your own doubt overpower you!

M: That's easy for you to say. You've tasted the World gold before, you know what it's like. I've never even held a title before tonight.

E: Well that should be enough to boost your self-esteem! It may be your first title, but at least you've got your foot in the door!

The Mechanic is silent for a few moments, then a grin slowly comes across his face.

M: You know what? You're right! I'm gonna march down to that ring next week, and I'm gonna make that little sh*t Osiris smooch the canvas! I'll take him out with such force and speed, his head will be permanently stuck up his ass!

E: Thatta boy!

The Mechanic sticks out his chest with pride, turns around, and begins to strut towards the door with his eyes closed. Obviously he's day dreaming or something, because he marches straight into the wall, then plops over onto the ground, knocked out. The Electrician just laughs, then looks straight into the camera.

E: So, Mr. "Shaitan" ... it looks to me like you had a little bad luck tonight... you know, with you all getting screwed over by Darth Borac and that little incident involving... uhm, that thing with the guy and the title.

Anyway, I'm sorry to report that your luck won't change next week. See, it's just that we're beginning to pick up some momentum here, and I'd just hate to have it end so quickly.

Suddenly, the Electrician's eyes widen, and his voice becomes.... "electrified."

E: However, if you wish to go one-on-one with the ELECTRIFIED one, then so be it! The Tech says he's gonna meet you face-to-face in the ring! The Tech says he's gonna drop you like that hooker he dropped in the parking lot at Shoney's on a Wednesday night! The Tech says he's gonna take that little wanna-be devil attitude, charge it up real high, add a switch or two, and then hook it directly up to your nipples and plug it in!

You just need to remember one thing Shaitan, Satan, Lucifer or whatever the hell your name is. You need to remember that this just isn't your average man. This just isn't your normal wrestler. This is the most electrified man in sports entertainment today!!!

With that, the Electrician tilts his head back.

E: If ya feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel what the TECH is charging!

Okay, I quit.

The Electrician walks over to the Mechanic and begins to slap him around to wake him up as the scene fades to fuschia.