Last time we visited the Technicians, they fought each other... twice! Of course, that badass The Electrician beat that bitchass The Mechanic both times. But what the hell. Who cares about last time. All that matters is... DUN! DUN! DUN!... this time.

The scene opens up in a hardware store. An ACE hardware store to be more exact, somewhere in downtown Philly. Consumers are wandering, seemingly aimlessly, through the various aisle's of the store, looking at various crap and the like. As the camera comes around a corner, the front checkout comes into view and we see... The Electrician?!?! Wha... bu... why?

Oh yeah, I fergot to tell you. The Technicians, not wanting to take up their previous professions, got jobs at a local Philly hardware store. Not that they needed the money, but they're going crazy just sitting around all day, so they found a somewhat relaxing job that still requires their expertise from time to time.

We hear the sound of the little door bell slightly echo, and concentrate on the door as a decently built man walks through the door. The Electrician turns around and sees the man, and his eyes instantly light up, as do the mans eyes.

E: Holy shit! Long time no see ya bastard!

Man: I'd have to agree.

The two shake hands.

E: What are you doing here?

Man: Well, my promotion is in town and I've got a hardcore match. I figured I'd do a little shopping.

E: Heh... just like you're brother.

Man: Speaking of which... did I tell you what I decided to call myself?

E: I don't believe so.

Man: The Grungy Gumbaliath.

E: Eh?

TGG: Yeah man. You know, since grungy is like... an antonym of great... or something. Plus I needed a way to remind everybody of what my brother once was.

E: Ahh... I see. You're a very sneaky guy.

TGG: Yeah. So where's Mech at?

E: Ahh he's around here somewhere. Last I knew he was helping some dumb bastard replace a solenoid.

TGG: Gotcha. Well I'm gonna go shop. See if maybe I run into him or something.

E: Okay, later.

TGG: Later.

TGG, The Grungy Gumbaliath and little brother of The late, Great Gumbaliath, walks away. The Electrician rests his elbows on the counter, then rests his chin in his hands, leaning against the counter. His eyes glaze over momentarily and we, the readers, are transitioned into a dream world of sorts when the screen goes squiggly and then returns to normal.

We see the Electrician, the Mechanic, two 7 feet tall men that are identical, Superballs and Hawkeye, and The Great Gumbaliath who's taller than the Technicians but shorter than Superballs and Hawkeye. They're all celebrating as TGG holds a title of sorts in one hand and a beer in the other.

Superballs: To The Great Gumbaliath, the first Assassin to bring World Title gold to us, and bringing in his 5th overall World Heavyweight Title reign.

TGG: Here here!

Everybody toasts to TGG, and the Electrician chugs down part of his beer. Out of nowhere, a beautiful young lady appears and looks the Electrician straight in the eyes.

Woman: I need some cock.

E: What?!

BOOM! We are instantly snapped back into what you would call reality, and we see the Electrician still leaning on the counter, his eyes halfway closed, but the same beautiful young lady is standing there in front of him.

Woman: I need... some caulk.

E: That sounds like a personal problem. But I'd be happy to give it to you.

SLAP!!! For once, it's the Electrician getting slapped and not the Mechanic!

Woman: Not that kind of caulk!

E: Well what kind of cock?

Woman: You know... caulking!

E: Oh... right. Aisle 18.

Woman: Well thank you!

The woman walks away, and the Electrician stares at her hind parts, humping the counter as she walks away. In the background, we see the Mechanic beating TGG repeatedly over the head with a length of PVC pipe.

TGG: (in the background) Yeah, gimme some more! Hit harder you bitch!

The Mechanic lets out a battle cry of sorts, rears back the pipe, and hits TGG as hard as he can, breaking the pipe. TGG stands there momentarily, a look of stupid on his face, and then falls face first to the floor at the Mechanic's feet.

M: I did it! I beat TGG!

E: Shut your stupid face.

The scene fades to black.

So that's what they're doing these days. Quite the transition eh? From hero to zero... no, wait... they're still hero's!