The last time we visited our hero's, they were overexcited about baby monitors. I think we can understand why, I mean after all, baby monitors are almost as excitable as walkie talkies, you just can't go anywhere you want with them. Anyway, let's see what they're doing now, shall we?

The scene opens to reveal our good buddies the Technicians as they go old school in the middle of their living room. Well, high school is probably a more befitting term. They are wrestling high school style in the middle of their living room. Krista and Kendra, both now starting to show just a tinee, tiny little bit as they reach the 2 month mark of their pregnancies, watch in amusement as their boyfriends duke it out.

The Electrician clearly has the advantage as he is on top of the Mechanic, one arm between the Mechanic's legs and the other around The Mechanic's shoulder, hands locked, trying to force his brother into a cradle position. The Electrician successfully pulls it off, but suddenly the Mechanic breaks free and vwa-la, the Mechanic is now attempting the same bloody move on the Electrician. However, the Electrician breaks free with a burst of energy and sprints into action, and the next thing you know, the Mechanic has been pinned.

Both former BLPW employee's stand up and wipe the sweat off their bodies with a towel, then drink down some water. The Electrician looks his brother in the eyes, almost sentimental-like, then out of nowhere... SLAP!!! Krista and Kendra laugh.

M: What the hell was that for?!

E: For being a puss, and a whiner.

M: What the hell are you talking about?

E: Well, considering that I just handed you your testicles in a paper sack, and you whined when I slapped you, well...

M: Are you saying that you think I can beat you?

E: No. I'm clearly a better specimen than you'll ever be. I'm just saying you're a puss.

M: Care to test that theory?

E: How so?

M: Well, there is that independent fed in town. I'm guessing nobody's gonna be around this time of night.

E: Are you suggesting I kick your ass in the ring too?

M: Ya damn right I am.

E: Hmm... interesting. You know, it would be the first time we've ever done it.

M: Touché.

E: Ahh what the hell, I'm game. *He looks at Krista and Kendra.* What about you? You up for a drive and a show?

Krista and Kendra exchange glances, then smile.

Krista: Sure, why not?

E: You are so going down!

M: Phh, you wish!

The scene fades to black as the Technicians pull their shirts on and the Electrician grabs a set of keys.

The scene returns momentarily inside an empty gymnasium. The Technicians are already battling it out in the ring as Krista and Kendra sit front row. It's hard to tell who's kicking who's ass as they both exchange a barrage of punches, kicks, whips, and tosses. But eventually, the Electrician takes the Mechanic down with a high cross body block, rolling it up straight into a pin. With no referee around, they're forced to count their own pins by slapping their own hands against the mat and counting along, just as if an actual ref was present.

E: 1! ...

The Mechanic kicks out, and we hear him practically scream.

M: You can't keep Krista on her back, let alone me!

Krista blushes and Kendra laughs. Meanwhile back in the ring, the Mechanic is dominating his older brother by means of cornering him and delivering repeated punches and kicks. The Electrician tries to fight him off, but to no avail and eventually the Mechanic whips him into the opposite corner. The Electrician bounces off the turnbuckles and staggers back to the center to kiss the bottom of the Mechanic's wrestling boot. The Electrician thuds to the mat.

M: Sweet chin music!

The Mechanic, seeing his brother lying practically unconscious in front of him, looks at the girls and grins. He reaches down and hoists his brother onto his shoulders, then makes his way to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles clear to the top. Stopping only momentarily to balance himself, the Mechanic drops back and THUMP!!!

M: The Torque Drop thank you very much!!!

The Mechanic stays on top of his brother for the pin. He begins counting.

M: 1! ... 2! ...

The Electrician kicks out! The Electrician kicks out after suffering a Samoan drop from the top turnbuckle! Unbelievable! The Mechanic is stunned, and the Electrician uses that momentary lapse of sanity to deliver a knee to the Mechanic's face. The Electrician then drops down and immediately locks in the Crossed Wires (Figure 4)! The Mechanic yelps in pain and immediately begins struggling to break free. The Mechanic whips his body to the right, to the left, but it doesn't work! The Electrician keeps the submission locked tight, making it impossible for the Mechanic to free himself. The Mechanic continues to holler in pain and squirms around, but nothing seems to work. Opening his eyes, he sees that the ropes are not too far away and begins pushing against the mat, dragging himself and his brother towards them. He reaches out, but they're still a few inches from his hand. He drags again, reaches out, and success! The Mechanic grabs the ropes and the Electrician releases the hold and jumps to his feet. The Mechanic tries to stand, but his legs are so sore that he just collapses. The Electrician smiles at the opportunity, and drags his brother back into the center of the ring. Intertwining his legs with the Mechanic, the Electrician flips his brother around and locks in the Electrical Energy (Sharpshooter)! The Mechanic hollers in pain again and reaches out for the ropes, but then he realizes that he's back in the center of the ring. He tries to pull himself to the ropes, but the Electrician, in all his infinite strength, keeps his feet planted. Seeing no other alternative... TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! TAP! The Electrician releases his hold and drops the sore, exhausted Mechanic to the mat, smiling. After a moment, he helps his brother to his feet.

E: Told you so.

M: Fuck you. Next time we'll have to go hardcore, then we'll see who's better.

E: You know it'll be me.

The Mechanic just laughs, and the scene fades to black as they climb out of the ring.

So that's what they're up to these days: beating the crap out of each other. Can you blame them? After all, what are brothers for?

Disclaimer: No persons were injured during the writing of this RP. 15 hot dogs were eaten by a high school kid, and 4 more chickens have been raped. Will the humanity ever end?