My my my... it's been a while hasn't it? The last time we left the Technicians they announced that they were going to leave the BLPW to play the role of fatherhood, and they vacated the BLPW Tag Titles. And that was the last we heard of them. Well, the BLPW camera's have "coincidentally" ended up at their apartment... must be an old habit or something. Let's see how they're doing, shall we?

The scene opens inside the Techs apartment as previously mentioned. Krista is making some spaghetti while Kendra takes a nap. The Technicians aren't really around, when suddenly the door bursts open and they come rushing in the door. They look to be in their usual upbeat, happy kind of moods, and both are carrying plastic bags labeled "Baby Depot" on them.

E: Krista! Check these out!

The Electrician reaches into his bag and pulls out some kind of package. He opens it up and pulls out something resembling a walkie-talkie.

E: Me and Mech got baby monitors! They're like walkie-talkies or something!

The Electrician plugs one in the kitchen and rushes to the other side of the living room where he plugs in the other monitor. He turns it on.

E: Baby calling mommy. Baby calling mommy. My butt is poopie.

Krista just laughs as does Mechanic. Kendra wakes up.

M: Hey... how's my lady doing?

Kendra: Your lady is tired.

E: I hear that happens when you're pregnant.

M: That ain't no joke.

Krista: Oh? And how do you know?

M: Cause I am pregnant.

Kendra: Oh really?

M: Yep... I'm having an elephant. His trunk has been sticking out for 23 years.

Krista and Kendra giggle and well, you can guess what the Electrician did...


M: OUCH! What the hell was that for?

E: For being a dumbass you... dumbass!

M: Right.

Krista: You two better stop that when the babies come... you'll set a bad example.

Kendra: Yeah, what she said.

E: Whadda ya talking about? Who better fer them kids to learn from than us?

Krista and Kendra trade uneasy looks as the scene fades to black.

So there ya have it. Doesn't look like much else has changed around the Technician household since our last encounter with them... well, except that they're more excited about being dad's... unfortunately we don't know if the kids feel the same.

Disclaimer: Chances are excellent that a part of a Simpson's episode was ripped off in this RP in which case... well, it happens. No persons were injured during the writing of this RP... except my friend Kyle who's passed out now but hit his head on the wall when he was staggering to the bed.