Richard Evans - Well next up we've got a really good match pitting Rob Stallion and Xain against each other. You won't want to mi-

["Fix the House" by Motorhead hits the speakers, and the Technicians walk out. They have their Tag Titles strapped around their waists, and they look rather pumped.]

Richard Evans- What the crap are they doing out here? They don't have a match!

[The Technicians climb in the ring and both grab a microphone. "Fix the House" fades off the speakers as the Mechanic raises his microphone to his mouth. He's about to speak when the crowd drowns him out with cheers. He waits patiently and can't help grinning, then speaks.]

Mechanic- Y'know we've had a lot of fun over the past7 months...

[The crowd erupts into cheers again.]

Mechanic- And I gotta tell ya, every last second of it has been worth it.

Electrician- Which is why we regret to announce that this is the end.

[The entire arena drops into a dead silence. Every man, woman and child in the crowd are now staring at the Technicians.]

Paul Stevenson- What?

Electrician- Yeah, you heard me right.

Mechanic- See, it's not something we really want to do, but it appears that some more important matters have arisen and they have top priority.

Electrician- That's right. Some of you may have heard, others not. But to set the record straight, to let every single person here and those watching at home know, my brother and I are gonna be fathers.

Mechanic- And that's why we can no longer attend to your entertainment needs. Besides, with wrestlers like Rap Legend, Shawn Sanders, "The Kung Fu Kid" Daniel Johnson, and Heath Newton around, the BLPW will suffice without us.

Electrician- Now we all know that it won't be as awesome with us gone, but you can be assured that once the dust has settled and things are a bit calmer in our lives, we will return.

[There's nothing but silence.]

Mechanic- And put on our usual awesome show, right here in Ottawa!

[The crowd erupts into cheers.]

Mechanic- So, with that said, we're doing the one thing we can think of.

[The Technicians nod to each other and drop their microphones. They then remove the Tag Title belts from their waists and gently lay them on the canvas in the center of the ring. Picking their mics back up, they turn to the stage.]

Electrician- Gary Barber, JC Michaels, and every tag team back there... as of this moment, the BLPW Tag Team Titles are now vacant. We trust you will find them new owners soon.

[Just then, "Fix the House" hits the speakers again. The Technicians drop their microphones and stand on opposite turnbuckles, raising their arms to the crowd. They rotate through the turnbuckles, then leave the arena to a house full of cheers.]

Richard Evans - I'm gonna miss them.

Paul Stevenson - I think that goes for everyone watching as well. But I'm sure that they'll be back one day.

Richard Evans - They'd better, they owe me twenty bucks and a bucket of chicken.

Paul Stevenson - ...Let's get to the next match.