-Off camera

Krista and Kendra walk out of the doctor's office, expressionless looks on their faces. They get into their car, and drive away.

-On camera

The Technicians sit in their apartment, playing Pong. They're wondering where the girls are at, but seem to be more concerned with the game at hand. The Electrician is really busting out some moves with the paddle, trying his a$$ off to beat his brother. Not once since they were little kids has he been able to beat the Mechanic at Pong- it's the one game the Mechanic is better at.

Anyway, they drop their joysticks when they see the girls walk into the apartment, a few bags of groceries in hand. They set the bags on the table and the Technician's greet them with hugs. Krista leads the Electrician down the hallway into his bedroom, while the Mechanic helps Kendra begin to put the groceries away.

M: So how'd it go?

Kendra: How'd what go?

M: The doctor. I thought you guys were going today to find out for sure if Krista was... well, you know.

Kendra: Oh... right. Uhm... Krista's... well, she's...

M: She's what?

Kendra: She's... she's pregnant.

M: Damn... I s'pose she's going to tell Dave now huh?

Kendra: That's the plan. But yeah... there's something I need to tell you...

Kendra looks Mechanic right in the eyes as the scene fades to black.

The scene returns momentarily inside the Electrician's bedroom. He and Krista are lying side by side on the bed, looking at each other- seemingly studying each other's features. Krista's eyes are deep, passionate... she knows she's gotta tell the Electrician now, before it's too late. She takes a deep breath.

Krista: Dave, there's something you need to know...

The scene fades to black, then returns again in the kitchen where the Mechanic is leaning against the counter. Contrary to his tall posture, he's slouching, looking as though he'd just been kicked in the nuts. He looks Kendra in the eyes, who has tears slowly welling in her eyes.

M: You're sure?

Kendra: Yes, I'm sure.

M: ...

Suddenly, a loud shout is heard from the back of the apartment. Not a scared shout, but one more celebratory. The Electrician comes charging out of his bedroom, Krista slung over his shoulder and laughing.

E: I'm gonna be a daddy!

The Mechanic watches his brother, happy for him. He's glad the Electrician is happy about the news. The Electrician sets Krista down and hugs his brother.

E: I'm gonna be a daddy! And you're gonna be an Uncle! YOOOOOH!

The Mechanic laughs as the Electrician hugs Kendra.

E: And you're gonna be an Aunt!

Krista laughs as well, a few tears in her eyes. The Mechanic grabs his brother, who's still celebrating and calms him down, handing him a beer. The Mechanic opens the beers, and toasts his brother.

M: To my brothers kid, and to mine as well.

E: Yours...?

The Mechanic nods his head.

E: Well I'll be damned...

The Electrician smiles again. Though his brother does not share his enthusiasm, the Electrician can tell the Mechanic is happy- he just doesn't know how to express himself. The only question that remains now is... what will they do about their wrestling careers?

Disclaimer: No persons were professionally slandered during the writing of this RP. 16 time World Champion Ric Flair, however, yelled out "WHOOOOOOO!" when he heard the "YOOOOOOOH!"