OOC: For the purposes of this RP, we're going to pretend it's the day of the PPV.

-Off camera

Krista and Kendra park their car in a space of the parking lot of the doctor's office. Neither of them are terribly excited about going into this situation, but they have to. They have to know for sure if they are pregnant. How ironic is it that on the day of a BLPW pay per view named Moment of Truth, Krista and Kendra are both going to experience a moment of truth about their pregnancy? Well, not really pregnant considering that I made it happen, but what the hell, it sounded good eh?

-On camera

The Technicians have just walked into their locker room of the Skydome. They are in high spirits, excited not only about their upcoming match, but being able to perform so gracefully in front of 50,000 fans. They drop their duffel bags on the floor and admire some of the flowers and gifts that some of their big fans have left for them. Wait... the Technicians... have fans?! NOOOOOO!

E: Well would ya look at that.

M: 2 dozen flowers and 2 fruit baskets! Do you know what this means?

E: No.

M: You idiot! It means that there are 4 Technician fans out there!


M: Finally, our hard work is beginning to pay off.

E: Damn straight. It's about time.

M: Shyeah.

E: Anyway, let's change and do some warming up. I don't want to be cold going into this match.

M: Me either. Not that it would affect us any, but I'd hate to pull a hammy.

E: Me too.

The Technicians begin to change as the scene fades to black.

Disclaimer: No penises were filmed during the writing of this RP. 15 "polar bear" swimmers jumped into the Arctic ocean for a total of 3 seconds and 5 U.S. Navy Seals were reported to have found a 5 eyed fish, but other than that, LET THE MAYHEM BEGIN!!!