-Off camera

Krista hangs up the phone and looks at her sister through red, fresh-from-crying eyes with a look of sorrow and relief. Kendra returns the look with one of her own, her eyes having that fresh-from-crying look in them as well. Man, they're really upset about this situation aren't they?

Krista: Okay, it's set. We've got an appointment the day of the pay per view.

Kendra: Okay.

Krista: Let's just hope for the best.

Kendra: We have to.

Krista: Yeah.

Kendra: It's not that I don't want kids, but now just isn't the time.

Krista: I agree. We're only 22 years old and almost graduated from college. We've got a full life ahead of us with plenty of time to have kids.

Kendra: Yeah. We don't need them now.

Krista: But we need to consider what to do if the tests do come out positive.

Kendra: Yeah, I know.

-On camera

The Technicians are spotted cruising around in Toronto. This is the first time they've ever been out of the country for a wrestling promotion. Heck, it's the first time they've ever been out of the country. So they're feeling kind of excited about it and have to cruise around to see some of the attractions in Toronto, whatever those may be. They come to park in the parking lot of the Skydome. They look up at the huge building and begin chatting.

E: That's it, right there. That's where we'll retain our titles very shortly.

M: Yeah. Man, that's a huge arena.

E: Definitely. I'd heard that it holds around 50,000 people for a wrestling event.

M: Wow... that's freakin' huge man. And you know it's going to sell-out for Moment of Truth.

E: Oh yeah. Word on the street is the only event that can [i]out-sell[/i] wrestling here is concerts.

M: Hmm... maybe we should catch a concert here sometime.

E: Shyeah. Remember that Linkin Park concert we went to in Cedar Rapids?

M: Yeah, that was awesome.

E: I loved it when Chester was out in the crowd and started beating the microphone against his head during One Step Closer.

M: Yeah, that kicked a$$. I remember that just about every time I turned around someone was trying to pass me a joint.

E: Yeah. And remember when those guys behind us were trying to get a mosh pit going?

M: Heh, yeah. Finally we got so tired of them bumping into us that you locked one of them in the Crossed Wires and I hit the other with the Wratchet Suplex.

E: Yeah, that was great. Speaking of wrestling maneuvers, you ready to kick some tail?

M: You know it. Like you said the other day, ain't nobody gonna stop our shine.

E: Tru dat poody. It's just too bad we've gotta show these rookie teams how it's done.

M: Whadda ya mean rookie teams? Those guys are hardly rookies.

E: Yeah, but they're rookie teams.

M: What?

E: *sigh* Mech, those guys have just now formed their teams. We've been a tag team for just under 3 years. Compared to us, they're a rookie team.

M: Oh. I see your point now.

E: Right.

There is a few moments of silence.

M: So whadda ya say we go see what other attractions are in Toronto.

E: Sounds like a plan.

The Electrician starts his humvee and revves the engine quickly. The throttle body has been kinda sticky and the Mechanic is just being a lazy bastard and not fixing it. Of course, if the Electrician would stop masteurbating onto the engine, it wouldn't be like that. Okay, that was just sick. Besides, any home mechanic work done on it would void the warranty, and we can't be having that. The Technicians casually cruise off as the scene fades to black.

Disclaimer: No engines were masteurbated upon during the writing of this RP. One engine, however, suffered an oil change.