-Off camera

Krista and Kendra sit on the Technicians couch, hugging each other in a fit of tears. In case you didn't guess from the last RP, Kendra has taken a home pregnancy test as well, and the result was positive. So now both are scared. Not wanting to drag their boyfriends away from wrestling to be family men, they don't know what to do. Well, they do know that a trip to the doctor to confirm their suspicions would be a good idea, but they're both too scared that the tests might come out positive. So they just hug each other, hoping they'll be able to figure something out.

-On camera

The Technicians sit in their hotel room, scarfing down Hardee's and watching the esteemed drama/action TV show, 24 (Authors Note: Excellent show by the way, I highly reccomend it.) The Technicians finish up the last of the food in front of them as 24 goes to commercial. It is at this time that they spot the camera and decide that it's time.

E: Heh... you better be ready. We're more than ready to whoop your asses. You just better hope we'll take it easy on you.

M: You know something, he's right. We haven't been challenged in so long that our need for a challenge is building up, and well, we just might go a little crazy at Moment of Truth. It's kind of like repressing anger. You can only repress it for so long and then BANG! The next thing you know you're ripping people's arms off and bludgeoning those people to s(bleep) with them! (Authors Note: Been looking for an opportunity to say that in an RP... I love that word... bludgeon.)

E: Can't argue with that. Though, we might feel kind of bad about doing it after we retain our titles.

M: No we won't.

E: Oh yeah.

M: But anyway, just be ready, because it's going to be one hell of a fight for you. That we can gaurantee. The only downfall about it for you is, it's going to be a fight you lose.

The scene fades to black.