The scene opens to reveal The Technicians, at last, in the gym. After an entire week of playing RoboCop vs. the Terminator, cooking Nuts'N'Bolts Casserole, confidence building, and the Mechanic begging the Electrician to call those twin blondes- they have finally made it to the gym. And to actually work out, not find some meat-head muscle builder that doesn't know the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground and beat the crap out of him.

As the camera comes into focus, we see the Electrician busy doing Lat pull-downs as the Mechanic occupies himself on the pull up bar. The Mechanic finishes his set first, then walks over to his older brother to encourage him.

M: C'mon.... gimme one more! You can do it! Just one more!

The Electrician pulls down as hard as he can and strains to get that final Lat pull-down in. He barely makes it, then releases the bar, his arms and Lats very weary. Breathing somewhat heavy, the Electrician stands and grabs a towel and some water. After wiping the sweat from his forehead, he takes a swig of water.

E: Woo... I haven't felt this great since that fine-ass Denver ho touched my butt.

M: Yeah, I remember her. The way she tongued my balls, made me so hard I couldn't even fit it back in my drawers.

E: HA! I did her first... you had sloppy seconds!

M: Phhh! More like sloppy, disgusting one thousand seconds! You know she'd been in the business for a while.

E: Yeah, but I wasn't stupid enough to ride her bareback... you on the other hand.

M: Hey, I was broke and didn't have no rubbers. And you! You could've given me one.... but noooooo! And what did I get out of it? Syphillis!

The Electrician lets go with a deep laughter.

E: That was so damn funny... I couldn't stop laughing when you woke up the next day and told me you had a lesion on your dick. I knew exactly what you had!

M: Shut up! It ain't funny. I could've died.

E: Oh hell, you were fine. Besides, you got it taken care of long before it could've ever harm you.

M: It still ain't funny. You know that mom...

The conversation is suddenly halted when a figure walks through the door of the weight room and catches the attention of the Technicians. The figure is about 6'5" tall and about 250 pounds. He has long blonde hair that's tied back in a pony tail, and a scar on the right side of his face that runs from the corner of his right eye and ends at the corner of his mouth. He is very pale in color, and wears a long, ceremonial-looking robe. He surveys the room for a moment, seeing that it is only the Technicians inside, and steps in, dropping his bag at the door. He removes the robe, revealing a well-defined upper body and is dressed completely in black, with the exception of his shirt that has the words "Be Prepared..." written on it. The Technicians stare at the man as he makes his way over to the bench press. Then, they look at each other and chuckle.

E: Who's this? Undertaker's stunt devil?

M: I guess... he's certainly got the image going for him. Maybe he's one of those people that are allergic to sunlight or something.

E: Hello, McFly? Anybody home? It's 2 o'clock in the afternoon you pompous ass!

M: Oh yeah... I knew that.

The Electrician watches the man for a moment, then walks over and stands behind him. The man turns around and comes face-to-face with the Electrician as the Mechanic takes his place beside his brother.

Man: What?

E: Hey, easy there whitey. I ain't bothering anybody by standing here, am I?

Man: (in a calmer tone) Of course not.

The man turns back around and begins adding weights to the bar. The Electrician grins at the Mechanic.

E: Hey, what's your name?

Man: My name is of no importance. Only training is important.

E: Are you crazy?

The man once again gets face-to-face with the Electrician.

Man: Can I help you with something?

E: Yeah, you could actually.

Man: What?

E: Well, (scratching his head) I've got this really wicked itch right at the bottom of my ass crack. I was wondering if you could scratch it for me.

There is nothing but silence as the man just stands there. The Technicians try hard to contain their laughter. Out of nowhere, the Electrician waves his hands in the man's face and begins blurting out gibberish. The man just stands there for a moment, then comes out of nowhere with a hard right, knocking the Electrician on his ass.

E: Damn... easy there whitey. I was just f*ckin' with ya. All you gotta do is tell me your name.

Man: Why do you want to know my name? What difference does it make to you?

The Electrician stands.

E: Cause I like to know who my pals are.

Man: I am no pal of yours. Now I suggest you take your leave before I am forced to show you the true power of Darkness.

E: Huh?

Man: I am Xavier, Henchman of the Darkness. Here to warn the world of the coming dangers.

E: Right. (turns to the Mechanic) Woo... looks like we've got a genuine citizen of la-la-the land of mushrooms-man.

M: I think you're right.

Xavier: La-la land? You fools... I shall surely enjoy destroying you when the time comes.

E: Right... just like Panik and Boromir are going to destroy us at Epic. The chances of that happening are about a million to one.

M: Wait... the Darkness? I know what that is! It's that place I go when I mastuerbate!

E: NO! That's the closet.

M: Oh yeah.

Xavier: Go now, before I am forced to call upon the powers of Darkness and destroy you both right now.

E: Sure...

The Electrician taps the Mechanic on the shoulder and the two leave the weight room, obviously making fun of Xavier as they leave. Xavier stares intently at them until they leave the room, then goes back to his workout as the scene fades to black.