-Off camera

Back in the Technicians apartment, we see Krista sobbing into the arms of her twin sister Kendra. Kendra's trying to be understanding, but having never had a pregnancy scare herself she just doesn't. But at least she's trying.

Kendra: Krista, I know you're scared but you've gotta face up to this. You've gotta go to the doctor and find out for sure.

Krista (through her sobbing): I know I do, but what if I really am pregnant? What if I ruin Dave's career because of this? I don't want to pull him away from wrestling to take care of this.

Kendra: Krista, you know as well as I do that as eccentric as Dave can be at times, he's a responsible man. He'd make a great father. Remember how he was with Angela's (the twins younger, married sister) son? He had so much fun playing with that little guy.

Krista: I know he'd make a great father it's just that I don't want to pull him away from wrestling to be a family man. To go back to being a grunt-worker so that he can support his family. He'd hate me for it.

Kendra: I understand that but you can't hide this from him forever.

Krista: I know, I know.

Kendra: I've got to go to the bathroom. I'll be back in a minute.

Krista: Okay.

Kendra let go of her sister and stood up to go to the bathroom. She was feeling sad for her sister, but at the same time disgusted. Contrary to most women, Krista's always been mature enough to accept the consequences of her actions; and then this thing happens and she just breaks down. Kendra is in the bathroom for what seems like the longest time, so Krista turns on the TV to keep her company. Finally Kendra comes out of the bathroom with the same solemn expression Krista did just a few short days ago. Krista notices this.

Krista: What's wrong?

Kendra doesn't say a word, and all of a sudden, it hits Krista what has happened.

Krista: Oh my...

-On camera

The Technicians are in the ring, practicing for the PPV against the team of... MIKE PAYNE AND LOU ZER!?!? (Authors note: Hey, we gotta have a new jobber around here) What the hell! Lou Zer is seen lying motionless at ringside, and Mike Payne is being man-handled by the Electrician. We see official BLPW referee Greg Stanton reffing the match. The Electrician is pummeling Mike Payne in the corner, and as Mike stands there dizzy as crap, the Electrician looks at his brother and smiles. The Mechanic smiles back... oh yeah, it's time for TECHNICAL DESTRUCTION! Erm... Technical Difficulties anyway.

The Mechanic climbs in the ring as the Electrician brings a stunned Mike Payne into the middle of it. The Electrician whips Mike Payne into the ropes and readies himself as Payne bounces off them by leaning forward as if going for a high back body drop. However, when Payne returns to the Electrician, the Electrician lifts him up and holds on to his legs. The Electrician begins to fall back and the Mechanic jumps, grabs Payne's upper body and the Technicians plant Payne onto the mat with the Technical Difficulties. (Authors Note: It's a 3D if you haven't figured that out already, you dumb bastard :p lol) The Electrician covers Payne and Greg Stanton begins the count. 1... 2... 3. The Electrician and the Mechanic hop around the ring like a couple of jacka$$es in celebration. They spot the camera and the Electrician begins speaking as the two wipe sweat off their bodies via towel.

E: You caught that huh?

Camera dude: Yeah, some of it anyway.

E: I see.

CD: Just tell me one thing... why are you facing a jobber team for practice? The Rogues and the Cartel are much better than them!

E: It's not exactly possible to have a match against them though, is it?

CD: I suppose you're right.

E: Besides, it doesn't matter who the team is. The more we practice as a team in the ring, the better we develop as a team. *grins and chuckles, looking at Mechanic* Though, I don't think it's possible to get much better than we already are.

M: Damn straight. We are the best baby yeah!


M: Okay, that was just wrong.

E: Sorry. Got caught up in the heat of the moment, you understand.

M: I suppose.

CD: So you guys are pretty pumped about this match then huh?

E: Of course we are! Who better to watch at a pay per view event than the Technicians?!

CD: Well, there is Shawn Sanders and...

M: Shut up! Who better than Technicians?

CD: Well...

E: Shut up! That wasn't a question!

CD: Yes it was.

E: No it wasn't!

CD: Yes it was.


CD: Whatever. So you guys are ready for yet another successful title defense then?

E: Definitely! We're always ready for a tag title defense! We love nothing more than shoving our tag team gold down our opponents throats and laughing when they can't handle it! Ain't no team in the entire world that can handle us. Not the Stylish Rogues, not the Violence Cartel, not even the Faction!

CD: But you guys only beat the Faction because of interference.

M: Shut up! Everybody knew we had the Faction beat. It's just that before we got to pinning them, Gary Barber's henchmen interfered.

E: That's right.

CD: Sure...

The scene fades to black.

Disclaimer: No persons experienced an excrutiating defeat by the Technicians in this RP. Mike Payne ventured into the desert and nearly got his eyes plucked out by vultures, and Lou Zer stayed grovelling on the streets for pennies and poop.