-Off camera Krista breathes a sigh of relief as she watches the Electrician walk out the door, right behind his brother. They're departing today for the road trip back to Canada for the upcoming pay per view, and knowing that she has a few days to clear her mind and figure out how to tell the Electrician about her pregnancy, she feels relaxed. Kendra looks at her sister.

Kendra: You didn't tell him, did you?

Krista: No. I couldn't find the courage to.

Kendra: Krista, you can't hide this forever. You're going to have to tell him sooner or later.

Krista: I know, I'm just not ready to right now.

Kendra: You thinking that you might not be pregnant?

Krista: A part of me is hoping not.

Kendra: Then you need to go to the doctor and find out for sure.

Krista: I know. I'm just scared to.

-On Camera

We join the Technicians in the Electrician's humvee as they merge onto the freeway towards Ontario. Yes, a camera crew has agreed to join them for a promo-on-the-go. They're jamming out to "Dirty & Stinkin'" by ODB and ICP. The Mechanic turns down the stereo and begins chatting with his brother.

M: You pumped?


M: You ready?


M: You excited?




The Mechanic hits a button on the CD player and "Push It" by Static-X takes over on the stereo. The Mechanic turns the volume almost all the way up, and the crew is forced to cut out the audio as it is very damaging to the microphone. Don't know why, because it shouldn't be, but dammit, we're watching as the Technicians headbang, without the proper headbanging hair, to "Push It" in total silence. We see the Mechanic shouting something because his lips are moving, but we can't tell what it is. The Electrician just grins and keeps headbanging, suddenly whacking his ghord on the steering wheel of the humvee. We can see him hold his head and mouth the words "SON OF A B***H!" The scene fades to black.

The scene returns momentarily to reveal the Technicians in their locker room, having reached the Skydome. They're sorting through their duffel bags for their workout attire so they can change and go workout. However, it seems as though the Mechanic has forgotten something...

M: Dammit! Where is it?!

E: What?

M: It was in here, I swear!

E: What?

M: I swear it! Right there!

The Mechanic points to a spot inside his duffel bag.

E: What are you looking for?

M: Jock strap!

E: Eww... that's disgusting!

The Mechanic continues the search for his jock strap as the Electrician pulls his shirt off. The scene cuts to the gym, where the Mechanic is spotting his brother on the bench.

M: 23... 24... 25.

The Electrician sets the bar on the bench and sits up.

M: Good work ol' chappy.

E: Shut your stupid face and start benching.

M: Aye, aye, captain!

The Electrician moves out of the way and stands there as his brother lies down on the bench. After a few seconds of stretching, he lifts the bar up. He begins to do reps as the Electrician looks into the camera.

E: Cartel, contrary to those pukes the Stylish Rogues, you actually have something of a chance to win this. Or at least you should if you keep your heads on straight.

See all that stuff that happened in the past? That's over now, it matters not. Now all that matters is Moment of Truth, and what will take place there. I'm truly looking forward to our meeting, because I'm sure you will at least present something of a challenge to us.

But I could be wrong about that. After all, we are the best tag team the BLPW will ever know. We can't be forgetting that. Especially you. You're going up against the best team in BLPW, and you'll be lucky if you even win it. But don't expect to be called the best if, and that's a big if, you do win because you've got a long way to go before you will be considered the best. You'll have to do exactly what we, my brother and I, did with the titles. Not what Stupid Dorks 2000 or KGBorac did with them, which is absolutely nothing, but what we did with them. Week after week after we won those titles we were defending them. We were busting our asses to keep those titles around our waists where they belong. Granted, it was against teams that don't matter, but just because they were teams that don't matter doesn't mean they're not teams... and I've just lost myself.

From the background, we hear the Mechanic begin choking and trying shout "Dave! Dave! Help!" but his voice is so weak that the Electrician can't hear him.

E: Ahh hell, it doesn't matter. Just be ready Cartel, and you just might be able to walk out of Moment of Truth with some gold to be proud of. And you should be damn proud of it. After all, you beat us, and that's something that only one team has known the pleasure of.

The scene fades to black.