-Off camera

Krista stands in front of the mirror, staring into her own baby-blue eyes, as if asking herself what she'll do. She can hear the doors to the Mechanic's humvee slam, and her heart jumps. She knows that any second now they're going to be walking in, happy about their match and ready for sex. She's just trying to get her pregnancy off her mind so that she can hold off telling the Electrician until she's ready. She doesn't want him to suspect anything, so no matter how she's feeling, she has to put on her game face and act as she always does. She knows that this behavior is vital to keeping the Electrician from suspecting anything.

The Technicians practically break down the door trying to get into their apartment. Damn door anyway. They've been on the landlord for like a month now trying to get it fixed. But yeah, they both drop their duffelbags on the floor and greet their respective girlfriends with kisses and hugs.

E: Okay, that's it... I can't resist your voodoo love any longer.

The Electrician hoists Krista up onto his shoulders and she giggles as he carries her towards his bedroom. Kendra and the Mechanic decide to sit down on the couch and relax as the Mechanic is tired from driving and needs a nap.

Kendra: If I were to tell you something, you promise not to tell anybody?

M: What do you not want me to tell Dave?

Kendra: How do you know I want you to keep a secret from him?

M: Because he's the only one you'd want me to keep a secret from.

Kendra: Oh... right. Well...

M: Well what?

Kendra: It's about Krista.

The Mechanic stares Kendra straight in the eyes. She feels awkward trying to say it out loud, so she leans over and begins whispering in his ear...

-On camera

The Technicians are involved in a game of Pong while the girls are out. No telling where they went or what they're doing, but hey, it's women m'kay? They're probably shopping or something. Ahh who the hell cares. All that matters is that they're gone, leaving excellent time for promo-cutting. And yep, the Electrician still can't beat the Mechanic at Pong.

So, they turn off the Atari and TV and turn to the camera. The Mechanic looks kind of distraught, still trying to absorb what Kendra told him earlier. But of course, the Electrician is oblivious to it. There are no secrets between these two men, but this is one thing that the Mechanic knows is not his place to tell the Electrician. It's Krista's job to do that. So the Mechanic kicks it off instead.

M: Okay Rogues, Cartel, prepare to meet your demise. The Technicians... are about to speak.

E: You @ss!

M: What?

E: You are a Technician!


E: I think what my brother was trying to say is, you don't stand a chance in Hell. Especially you, Stylish Rogues. We've already kicked your ass once, and I'll be damned if we're going to let you win. Especially when you don't even deserve to be here. We've tried to tell you time and time again, we are the best tag team in the BLPW, and we are the best tag team the BLPW will ever see. But no, you just wouldn't listen would you? And so, you get what we had last Epic- you getting your @sses kicked!

M: That's right. I tell ya though, my back is awful sore from having to carry your pathetic, talentless carcasses through that entire match. If you had half the talent you claim to, you might of even had a chance. But no, you just proved to everybody that you don't, and you forced us to sacrifice our health to save the match. Pathetic.

E: Just understand this much, both of you wannabe teams. You can look at the gold all you want, you can hope for the gold all you want, and you can drool over the gold all you want; but never, not once, will you get a chance to have the gold for yourself. It's ours. We rightfully reclaimed it almost a month ago, and we'll not lose it again.

The scene fades to black.