-Off camera

Epic has just gone off the air, and Krista and Kendra sit in the Technicians apartment looking pleased about their boyfriends performance during the event. It is at this time that Krista stands up and walks out of the room. She walks into the bathroom, and closes the door. While she's in there, Kendra walks into the kitchen and gets some kool-aid out of the fridge. Kendra walks back into the living room and sits down as some reality show starts on the TV. She watches the first few minutes of it and then flips through the channels before coming across Cartoon Network where Dexter's Laboratory is playing. Yay, her favorite show. She watches the entire thing before, finally, Krista walks out of the bathroom, a solemn expression on her face. Kendra notices.<.b>

Kendra: You okay sis?

Krista: I don't know.

Kendra: Huh?

Krista holds up her hand, revealing that she is holding a home pregnancy test. Kendra curiously stands up and walks over to her sister and looks at it. According to the small key on the test, Krista is pregnant. Kendra stands there momentarily, stunned.

Kendra: Oh my...

Tears begin to well up in Krista's eyes and Kendra hugs her.

-On camera

We find the Technicians in their locker room, freshly sweat-soaked after their match with the Stylish Rogues. They are in high spirits as they successfully defended their titles.

E: Whooo! It cannot be denied, we are the best!

M: Damn straight! They didn't stand a chance from minute one!

E: Ya got that right. Perhaps we should celebrate.

M: We should! Let's go back to Philly before we report to the Skydome for the PPV. Nothing like some celebratory lovins after an easy victory over a couple of jackoffs.

E: I agree. To the lovins I say!

M: Elec! To the Humvee-mobeel!

E: Shyeah. But after we shower. We stink like yesterdays armpit sweat.

The Mechanic sniffs his own armpit.

M: Pee-ew! I'll have to agree.

The scene fades to black. The Technicians are totally excited about pre-pay per view lovins! Everybody loves pre-pay per view lovins! Even pay per views love pre-pay per view lovins! Okay, enough about that.

Will Krista tell the Electrician about their child? And if so, what will his reaction be? And if so, what will he do? Only time will tell. So tune in next time. Same Technician Time! Same Technician Channel! Different Technician RP!

Disclaimer: No persons were impregnated during the writing of this RP. However, a monkey and an alligator got it on and 3 chinchilla's had an orgy.