-Off camera

Our good buddies the Technicians have found themselves down at the local library in Reading, PA. Ha, imagine that. A library in Reading. It's the Reading Library! How ironic! Okay, maybe it's not really that ironic, but what the hell, it sounded good... didn't it...? Anyway, the two are sitting at a table that's big enough for 6 to 8 people to sit at, but it's just our hero's at the table. Spread all out on the table are multiple books, most of them spread wide open, and the Technicians seem to be concentrating heavily on the books they are reading. The only hint as to what they're doing is on the binding of a closed book that reads "Mental Illness." Now that's a hell of a topic, especially for these two.


Everybody, except the Electrician, in the library stares coldly at the Mechanic. Simultaneously, every last one of them places a finger over their mouths, and as if they were part of some chorus, they all give the Mechanic a "shh!" The Mechanic sinks down in his seat as his face becomes lightly red. He looks at his brother, who whispers.

E: You found it?

The Mechanic looks down at the book in front of him and whispers back.

M: Yeah. It says here that obsessive compulsive disorder occurs when one takes worries, doubts, and superstitious beliefs to excessive lengths, or obsessions. Common obsessions include, but are not limited to, fear of germs, imagining harming oneself or others, and imagining losing control of aggresive urges. Compulsions are acts the person performs over and over again, often according to certain "rules."

E: So that's why he's been a nut-bar lately. He's got OCD.

M: By george I believe you're right.

E: He's scared of being "contaminated," and he believes he's some kind of cleanser. I thought that was Mr. Clean's job?

M: Me too. Not only that, but he still believes he's the Messiah.

E: No kidding. Man, he is so going down.

M: Ya got that right.

The Technicians pick up their mess of books, set them on a "return book" shelf and leave the library.

.::Some time later::.

-On camera

The Technicians are sitting across from Bill Ogilvy. They're dressed rather strangely, however, even for themselves. The Mechanic is wearing knee-length mesh shorts, running shoes as opposed to his typical work boots, and a California Angels baseball tee shirt. The Electrician is dressed the same, but the the shirt he's wearing is a Toronto Maple Leaf hockey jersey. Bill seems pleased to be in their presence.

Bill: I'm so glad you could join me for this interview today. That episode with Heath Newton really freaked me out and I've gotta say, it's good to be around people resembling normal for once.

E: I'm not aboot to lose my match at Epic.

M: I hear ya bro. You have got to be the best in the business I know. After all you, taught me everything I know about wrestling!

Bill: Uhm... right. So anyway, Electrician, what can you tell us about your upcoming match against Heath Newton at Epic, your first round opponent in the tournament?

E: Listen here Bill. Heath Newton is going down and oot at Epic, I'll personally make sure of it. He can't even compare to the likes of me. Ootside the ring, I'm nothing compared to what I'm like inside the ring. I am the alpha male in the ring.

M: For sure bro. I mean, the man you're looking at Bill is the one that taught me everything he knows! I also train the SoCal way, so you know we're lethal weapons inside that ring man.

Bill: Sure. Anyway, care to comment on Heath's remarks about cleansing you at Epic?

E: Bill, I think we both know what Heath is all aboot. Strutting his stuff like he's top dog around here, that's it. He doesn't know the first thing aboot wrestling. He's so involved in himself that it will be his doonfall and I will be the man to do it. I'm so vicious in that ring.

M: I hear ya bro. Hey, you know what would be awesome?

E: What?

M: If we met in the final of the North American title tournament!

E: That would. I mean, we both have excellent chances of making it to the final. I don't see any reason why we couldn't.

M: You got that right bro. Hey bro, do you think we should go to the coffee shop now and drink some more coffee?

E: No. We must train. Training is all there is. There's nothing else. Or we should at least make it look like we're training. You know, go to the gym and stand there, and then when the BLPW camera crew arrives I can pump out a few reps on the bench, and you can coont from 29 to 30 to make it look like we're doing something.

M: No way bro. We need to relax bro. We need to go drink some coffee bro. There's no way we're going to win if we don't take some time off and relax bro. Then, after we relax and drink coffee all week long, 2 hours before Epic airs we can go to the gym and train the SoCal way bro!

E: Soonds good.

Bill: Uhn... okay. Uhm, Mechanic, are you and your brother planning to defend the Tag Titles soon?

M: You bet we are. We're definitely keeping those titles. Nobody can take them away from us because we train the SoCal way!

E: That's aboot right.

M: Damn straight bro. So bro, whadda ya say we go drink some coffee?

E: Soonds good.

The Technicians stand up and walk off the scene as it fades to black with Bill looking at them very strangely. The scene fades into a promotion for the Electrician's upcoming match against Heath.

We see the form of a man lifting weights. The camera pans around alongside the man's back, showing his muscles flexing with every pull on the Lat bar. We hear the Electrician's voice.

E: You think you can mess with the electrified one.

The scene of the man fades out and returns to show the Electrician in the ring against an opponent of unknown fame, locking him in the Crossed Wires. (Figure 4)

E: You think you have what it takes to turn his world upside down and inside out.

The scene then shows a shot of Heath, who's wearing his usual attire as he's surrounded by Mikael and other "cleansed" people.

E: You don't even know what you're getting yourself into.

We see the Electrician pinning KGB at Nuclear Winter to bring the Tag Titles back to the Technicians.

E: Prepare for the Electrical Energy, and prepare for your own demise.

We see a shot of the Electrician preparing to put Darth Borac in the Electrical Energy (Sharpshooter). The scene then fades to these words: "The Electrician vs. Heath Newton. Thursday, February 13, 2003."

-Off Camera

The Technicians laugh hysterically at their own stupid joke. They couldn't help themselves. After listening to Trepanier and Trouble Shooter BS all week about how they're going to rise to the top and take the titles, they had to do something to lower their spirits. After all, it wouldn't be true Technician drama if they didn't, right?

.::Yet some more time later::.

-On Camera

The Technicians sit, staring the camera straight in the lens, from their hotel room in Reading. They're back in their usual street attire. There's no expression on their faces, they just stare intently into the camera. The Electrician speaks, and the Mechanic smiles and nods his head with everything the Electrician says.

E: Heath, I've said about all I can say about our match. You haven't listened to one single bit of it, and for that you will pay. I have every confidence that I will defeat you at Epic, and I will not let anything stand in my way. Not you, not anybody else. It's time the Electrician showed the world what he's truly made of. I've had my fair share of gold in the past but this time around, it's different.

Different how, some people may ask? Different because it's the BLPW. Despite having been in top-notch federations like the TWC and ACW, the BLPW is the first federation we've signed to that actually puts on a display of quality wrestling entertainment. Yes, I said quality wrestling entertainment. Pro-wrestling is not sports entertainment. Sports are for wimps. Pro-wrestling is where the big boys come to play and everybody gets hurt. But we don't let those injuries get in our way. We fight through them, we fight the pain that our injuries cause, and we fight for the pure enjoyment of it because every last one of us, from Bob the Builder to Shawn Sanders and everyone in between, does it because we like the pain. We like beating the piss out of each other and we enjoy knowing that our victories over our opponents puts them in a state of disappointment. One that's so severe that sometimes they forget why they're here and drop down to resident jobber status. A state of disappointment that everybody experiences at some point, but only the mentally strong survive. That's why we do it.

And just like everyone else here Heath, I am a sinner. I enjoy hurting others. I enjoy making their every breath of life miserable and I'm going to enjoy doing it to you. You may think otherwise, but you'll learn differently. You'll come to find out that your revelations and your attempts to be something you'll never be were all for nothing. And when you're sitting in your hot tub the following day, looking back on the hell I put you through, you're going to be miserable. You're going to be disappointed in yourself. And through all that misery and disappointment, I'm going to be laughing.

Of course, you probably have the idea about now that if you win, I'm going to be miserable. But that's where you're wrong. I don't have the greatest track record in singles matches here. Truth be told my only singles victories in the BLPW were when I faced Darth Borac and Viper. Borac is still kicking, but Viper isn't. But do you think I'd still be here if I let my losses get me down? Hell no. I'd be off crying somewhere like you will be after Epic is over. You can ask anybody I've faced in singles matches that have tried to put me in misery. Shawn Sanders and Mr. Satan are two of the BLPW's finest that tried to do it. And if you asked them right now if they could, their answer would be "no." Face it Heath, even if you defeat me, you still won't beat me. I'm no mastermind, but I do know how to screw with people's heads; and despite your excellent showing of that this week, you still haven't gotten inside my head. Oh sure, I made it appear as though you did but what can I say? I do get paid to act as well. I might not be that good at it but that's another story for another time.

I'll see you in the ring Heath. It's only a matter of time now. No more promo's, no more attempts to make yourself sound like something you're not. This is it. When this feed ends, I'll be ready and waiting for you. Enjoy your last few hours as an undefeated wrestler Heath, because you are one of many that are about to experience the new era of electricity.

The scene fades to black.

Disclaimer: No persons were intentionally made fun of during the writing of this RP. Well, except the Stylish Rogues.