We come to air inside of a small, dark room somewhere in the bowels of the Sovereign Center. A single light bulb is all that lights up the room, and from this light we can see that the walls are made of cinder brick, some of which seems to be falling out of place. But we can only see 2 of the walls as the other 2 are cast in shadow. These walls are obviously part of the original foundation of the arena, but through years of settling the bricks have slipped about and moved out of place. The floor is caked in dust and dirt, and out of the shadows comes the Electrician. He has an eccentric look on his face. Great, he's gone mental again. Dust and grime cover his face, his arms, his clothes, and one of his hands is covered in a white, powder-like substance- he just looks down right skanky. But despite all this, he's smiling.

E: It has been done...

The Electrician pulls a flashlight out of his back pocket and turns it on. He focuses it on one of the walls that is in shadow. Through the area the flashlight covers we can read the word "Heath" which is written in the same powder-like substance that's on the Electrician's hand. The words are scabby, without form. They look almost as if they were written in blood, but white blood. Okay, there's no such thing as white blood, (Authors Note: except white blood cells but they don't count) but that's how they look. The Electrician slowly moves the flashlight to the right, revealing more words, and we read this phrase: "Heath Newton will become dirty at Epic." The Electrician kills the flashlight and looks back into the camera.

E: There you have it, Heath. You will not cleanse me; I will dirty your soul. I will dirty you down to your very foundations. You will not be able to stand this dirtiness Heath. It will penetrate your very being, it will destroy your cleanliness, and you will beg for death before the end. You thought you were going up against just another soul, but you are not. You are going up against the Dirt Delivery Man! So shall it be written, so shall it be done!

The Electrician turns on his flashlight again. He points it at the wall again, but lower. We read this phrase, "Heath will be but a candle to the Electrician's flame."

E: You see? Do you see?! You cannot win at Epic Heath! I'm the Dirt-Boy! I'm the one that will save you from that world of heroine and crack highs you live in! I'm the one that will rid your body of those terrible toxins you inject upon yourself, and you will love me for it! You will come to realize that you are no Messiah, that you are just another lost soul looking to become a sheep as well!

It's going to happen, Heath... oh yes, it's going to happen!

The scene cuts to a shot of the Technicians sitting in front of a TV with a blank screen. The Electrician, a clean Electrician, stands up and ejects a tape from the VCR on top of the TV. He looks back at the Mechanic.

E: So whadda ya think?

M: I dunno. I mean it's good, but it seems like it was a little short, y'know?

E: What the hell do you expect? All he's been babbling on about all week is how he's going to "cleanse" people. If you ask me it sounds like he's going to start sucking d**k or start giving old people sponge baths. I'm almost scared to step into the ring against him now for fear of what he might touch.

M: Dave, you know as well as I do that you can handle him.

E: It's not that I'm worried about. Like I said, what the hell is going to try and do to me in that ring? I mean for crying out loud, I'm all for a good opponent, and as much as I don't want to admit it that little bastard has something resembling talent. But if he's truly lost his mind, what the hell is he going to try in there?

M: I don't know. But I'm sure it can't be anything worse than what you've got in store for him. Which you still haven't told me what that is.

E: Hehehe... and I'm not gonna either. It's a surprise dammit. It's no fun if I tell you what the suprise is.

M: Well can I least accompany you to ringside? So that I've got a front row seat to watch it?

E: Phh... I don't care. You know, I might actually need your help with it.

M: Okay. So are you gonna tell me what it is?

E: Not yet. I'll tell you before I go out to wrestle that piece of trash.

M: Okay. By the way, what if we got Hawkeye to come here and show Heath who the real Messiah is?

E: Yeah, right. Hawkeye's wrestling overseas right now. There's no way he's gonna come back to the States.

M: Yeah, I suppose you're right. Though it would be nice to have that big lug around. He could take care of Rap Legend since we don't have the time.

E: Heh, yeah. You think Legend has a good chance in this tournament?

M: I don't know. If he'd just get his mind on-track then maybe, but he doesn't seem to be his old self lately.

E: Yeah. But oh well. If we happen to meet in the ring, I'll beat him just as I have before.

M: Tru dat.

E: That's my line poody.

There's something of an awkward silence between the two, then the Electrician's face lights up as if he just thought of a great idea. And it probably is.

E: I've got it!

M: What?

E: I know who I can get to tear Heath apart!

M: Who?!

E: Hehe, come with me...

The two rush out of the camera's view as the scene fades to black.