-Off camera

A UPS truck (Authors Note: since everybody in here seems to use FedEx, I use UPS dammit!) is seen backed up to and parked at the unloading dock of the Sovereign Center in good ol' Reading, PA. Inside the arena, we see a few BLPW gruntworkers unloading boxes from the UPS truck. Aside from the tags, the only markings of any kind on the boxes read "Small" "Medium" etc. The grunts continue their work with haste, knowing they've still got about 300 other things to do to in order to have the setup ready to go for Epic in a mere 3 days time.

-On camera

The scene opens to reveal the camera following the Technicians as they make their way through the halls of the Sovereign Center, looking for their locker room. They make a right here, a left there, and finally they come upon a door marked "Shawn Sanders."

E: What the hell?

M: I don't know. Maybe this is where the locker rooms start or something.

E: Oh, right... yeah.

The two continue walking down the hall. They see other doors marked "The Faction" and "Mr. Satan" and such, but none with their names on them.

E: What the hell? Where's our locker room?!

M: I don't know. Perhaps there's another set of locker rooms elsewhere or something.

E: Could be... wait, what's that one say?

The two walk over to a door so they can read it. "The Violence Cartel"

M: Ahhh crap!

The Mechanic spots an arena employee walking down at the other end of the hall.


The employee stops and looks as the Technicians make haste walking over to him.

M: Where's our locker room at?

Employee: Who are you again?

E: We're the Technicians! The best tag team the BLPW ever has or ever will see!

Employee: Uhm... sure. Go down this way, take the 2nd right, it's the first door on the right.

M: What do you mean uhm sure? Don't you know who we are?!

Employee: Look, I slave away here day in and day out for shit wages because I've got a family to feed. I barely have time to eat dinner when I go home at night let alone watch wrestling. Now if you'll excuse me.

The employee walks off and the Technicians follow his directions. They reach their locker room, and for some reason the Mechanic is smiling.

E: What's that shit-eatin' grin for?

M: Oh, nothing. Just something I saw on the way over here.

E: What did you see?

M: Nevermind.

E: Wha...

The Electrician is disturbed from talking when the Mechanic's cell phone rings.

M: Hello?

Yeah, this is me.

Oh, really?

That's great.

Yeah, we'll be there momentarily.

The Mechanic hangs up his cell phone and looks at Electrician.

M: It has arrived.

E: You mean the...

M: Yep.

E: Sweet!

M: I'll go have a look. Seems like you've got some things to do first.

The Mechanic points at the camera.

E: Naturally. I'll be right behind you.

The Mechanic leaves the locker room and the Electrician looks into the camera as he sets his duffel bag down on the bench.

E: So I see that once again, Heath is trying to be something he's not: a somebody. What was it? Oh yeah, some magazine called Elle or some trash like that wants to do a look back on Heath's supposed career as a model. I wonder how much Heath agreed to pay them for that offer... provided there even was an offer at all. It wouldn't surprise me one bit if Mikael was just trying to cheer his employer up. But wait... no, Mikael would never do that. He's just an ass-kisser.

Heath, you speak of how everybody in the world but you are sheep. How they're phonies and fakes and put on displays of their true selves and blah ba blah ba f*cking blah. Well, that may be true for some people, but I ain't one of them. Anything and everything the entire world sees of me is all me, it's all who I am. Like it or not, it is, and I'm proud of that. But of course you don't believe that since you're too damn ignorant to believe anything but what that Mikael tells ya. So if we're all phonies except you, wouldn't that make Mikael a phony too? I'm no Sherlock Holmes, but it sure looks that way. And I actually do believe he is a phony. Why? Because nobody, especially a man, would put up with your childish demands and woman-like behavior unless they were getting paid damn good money, that's why. And even then, it's highly unlikely they would stay your employee for a significant amount of time because they would, sure as shit stinks, get tired of your bullshit. I don't believe for a second that Mikael is showing his true self around you. He's merely putting up with your shit and kissing your ass because it's a paycheck. Different people will do the most disgusting things if it means a steady paycheck.

Now I know what you're gonna say to all this: Elle really did offer you a cover story; Mikael really is that way, blah blah blah. Whatever. It's not going to change anything come Epic because we all know what's going to happen: you, Heath Newton, will be my own personal property. Just as you abuse the inantimate objects in your hotel rooms, I will abuse you in the same manner. You will be but a broom stick to me. Something I can throw around and break in two; and then burn to ashes after I'm done.

You seem to be amazed that the people were chanting your name at Epic. In fact, the way you speak of it, you're happy that they were chanting your name. But you were too damn ignorant to listen and find out what they were really chanting. All you heard was your name. You really want to know what they were chanting? They were chanting "Heath Newton SUCKS!" Yeah, you heard me right, they were chanting "Heath Newton SUCKS!" They hate you Heath. You are not the inspiration behind a million masturbations. You are nobody. They hate you and they'll continue to hate you until you give them a reason to like you. And what can you do to make them like you? Nothing. They'll hate you forever, every last one of them. But when you take a look back at my brothers match against Jason Black on the very same night, what were they chanting? Just "Mechanic." No, not "Mechanic SUCKS!" ... just "Mechanic." In this business that's a sign of affection, a sign that says "You're awesome." And they will be doing that very same thing for me come Epic this week. They'll cheer when they hear my music hit the speakers. They'll scream at the top of their lungs for me, knowing that I will give them everything they want. Everything they all desire. Heath Newton being tossed about like a rag doll, like he doesn't even matter. And all the while they're going to be loving it. And when I make you tap, I'm going to give them something more. Something they'll really love to see.

That's the power of electricity Heath. It's the power that many desire to have, but only few are given. The power that sends a charge of voltage through every last nerve and vein in your body and makes you stand up, kick some ass, and then go about your business. Because you see, that's what I will do. After I'm through with you, I'll go about my business like you don't even matter, because you don't. Once I'm through with you everybody will have forgotten your name, and the only time it will come up is when they remember how terrible you were when you stepped into the ring against the electrified one.

Just wait and see. Wait and see...

The Electrician walks out of the locker room as the scene fades to black.