The scene opens to reveal a large meadow. The golden-brown grass waves back and forth in the gentle wind, and out of nowhere a battle-cry is heard.



Suddenly, two figures, one in a RoboCop mask and the other in a Terminator mask, come charging into view on a head-on collision course with each other. Each figure has a giant donut-looking thing wrapped around their mid-sections. When they are a few feet from each other, the figures jump at each other and collide in mid-air. "RoboCop" goes flying the opposite way as "The Terminator" mask just stands there. "RoboCop" falls to the ground and just lies there for a moment as "The Terminator" walks up to him and looks down.

"Terminator": Asta la vista, baby.

"The Terminator" reaches down with a stun-gun in his hand. He sticks it right into the mid-section of "RoboCop" and pulls the trigger. "RoboCop" begins to go beserk, jerking and twitching uncontrollably as "The Terminator" continues to hold the trigger down. Then, "The Terminator" stops and pulls off his mask, revealing himself to be the Mechanic. "RoboCop" pulls his mask off and is revealed to be the Electrician. The two look at each other and begin chuckling.

E: Damn that was fun! Let me see that stun-gun!

M: NO!

E: Give it to me!

The Electrician stands up and lunges at the Mechanic, reaching for the stun-gun. The two struggle for a few moments until the Electrician finally pins down the Mechanic and grabs the stun-gun.

E: (in a very Invader Zim-like voice) Yes... victory is mine!

M: Oh Christ.... just keep it!

E: Woo-hoo!

The Electrician, now excited with his new toy, takes off and begins prancing around the meadow, holding up the stun-gun and singing some kind of gay-sounding tune. The Mechanic stands up and removes the donut-looking thingie from around his waist. He just notices the camera.

M: Holy sh*t! How long have you been here?

Audio guy: A while.

M: Oh. Well...

The Mechanic turns around and sees his brother far off in the distance, still prancing around with the stun-gun in hand.

M: While I'm waiting for fruity-booty over there, I may as well do stuff.

The Mechanic clears his throat and takes a deep breath.

M: So, it seems that tomorrow, my brother and I will be stepping into the squared donut... erm, circle... why do they call it that anyway? What's wrong with just saying ring? Why do people always have to make up stupid nicknames for sh*t? Seriously... squared circle? C'mon now... if you're gonna give it some fancy nickname, at least call it something like "The ring that only fits the one with a square finger" or something like that.

Anyway, we'll be stepping into the ring to face Panik and Boromir for the BLPW Tag Team titles. Now how cool is that? We've not even been here a month, this is our second match, and we faced jobbers in our first match... and we're getting a shot at the Tag Titles already! Man... the powers of the BLPW must've been really impressed with us if they're givin' us a shot at the titles already. We both figured it'd be at least a month before we even saw our names in a title match. Not that I'm b*tching... I do have to admit, I love the cock. Erm... uhh... gold. I SAID GOLD!

But what I can't understand is why won't these two so-called champions at least step up and try to defend the only thing that brings them glory? I mean, it's one thing to bust your ass to win titles and then work even harder to keep them... but it's another thing to bust your ass to win titles and then not even try to retain them. It's sad really. Oh well, soon enough they won't have to worry about it, because the BLPW Tag champs won't be those two jerkoffs... it'll be the Technicians. That's rIII...

The Mechanic lunges forward for no apparent reason, until he moves out of the way and we see the Electrician crouching down behind him, the stun-gun in hand. It's obvious the Electrician has zapped his younger brother when we notice the very cheesy smile on his face. The Electrician chuckles and then pulls the trigger, and is instantly fascinated when the sparks jump from one terminal to the other. The Electrician stands, the donut-looking thingie still around his waist.

E: This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I have now found entertainment for the rest of my life. Oh yeah... I'm never getting rid of this thing, because not only is it my entertainment, it's also an easy way of getting my brother's lazy ass out of bed in the morning. And, AND, it's a good way to get me charged up for my matches. BONUS!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I must prepare for the taking of the tag titles.

The Electrician removes the donut-looking thingie from his waist. He pulls the trigger of the stun-gun again and then plunges it into his own mid-section. He starts to jerk and twitch.

E: (in a very satisfied voice) Oh yeah... that's the stuff.... oooooh baby.... yeah... keep it up....

The scene, for once, fades to purple.