The scene opens to reveal the Electrician standing in front of a body-length mirror or two... or three. Okay, three. He's wearing a black, see-though silk robe and his Pac-Man boxers. He stares at himself, marvelling at his very own beautiful physique. His chiseled abs, his solid biceps, his firm, strong legs. It is then that he reaches out of the scene, then pulls an object into view. Tilting his head down, he pulls the object over his head. Adjusting the band on the backside of this obvious mask, the Electrician looks once again into the mirror and we see the reflection of... MICHAEL JACKSON?!?!?!

Yes, the Electrician is wearing a Micheal Jackson mask. He couldn't find a Heath Newton mask, but Michael and Heath look a lot alike so the Electrician figured it was the closest form of Heath Newton he would ever get. Whoo, that's a relief isn't it? The day they start making Heath Newton masks is the day I hang myself. Next thing you know there will be Heath Newton cults and then the world will really go to Hell.

The Electrician playfully tickles his nipple and speaks to himself, his voice slightly muffled by the mask.

E: I make them moist, all of them. I am the inspiration behind a million masterbations... Electrician my darling you are a triumph.


Okay, this is just disgusting!

The Electrician rips the Micheal Jackson mask off his head and tosses it in a nearby garbage can. He rips the silk robe into pieces and tosses it in the garbage can as well. He then walks over and pulls his plain denim jeans on. Locking the buckle on his belt, he sees the camera.

E: I've got to say... for as sick and disgusting as I can be, Heath is a thousand times worse.

I mean what kind of guy, what kind of man stares at himself in the mirror all day? What kind of man fantasizes about dudes beating off because of him? What kind of man looks at himself and is happy with acting like a woman? Exactly, there isn't that kind of man because the only people that do that shit are WOMEN!

The Electrician takes a deep breath, calming down and letting the vein that popping out of his forehead retract.

E: Heath is no wrestler. Heath is an escaped mental patient, that's all there is to it. No wonder nobody's ever seen her supposed "modelling" work- because she never did it! It's just a sick, twisted delusion in her own rotten mind! You know what? I don't even know what to call Heath anymore... whether it be man or woman... Heath is just "Cousin It" to me from now on. You just can't tell what it's supposed to be. Supposedly looks like man, but acts like a woman. It's just plain sick I tell ya!

The Electrician begins pacing around his hotel room. He's been dying to get to the gym, but the Mechanic wanted him to wait til he got back.

E: Heath is a disturbed little being. It never was a model, it was never famous- except in its own delusional mind. I'll admit that even I seem to be on the edge at times, but I can control it. I can actually control it. But this... this THING... no. It can't control it's own emotions, if that's what you want to call them.

So in all this mystery, we have to ask ourselves what exactly is Heath Newton? Is it a woman? Is it a man? Does it even have a gender? Questions we will never know the answers to. But, I am going to try and shed some light on the subject at Epic.

Let's get him a little more excited shall we?

E: Heath claims to be a man, but counteracts that talk by acting like a woman. So, if Heath truly is a man, we'll see what he's made of at Epic. I'm not the greatest wrestler here, but one thing is for sure and that's that if Heath Newton has any chance in hell of surviving here in the BLPW, he'll have to go through me. I'm part of BLPW history, god dammit, and he is a nobody. And he has the nerve to treat me as if I don't even exist?! There's only one solution to that: kick his ass and kick it good!

Who the hell does it think it is to overlook me? To write me off as somebody that doesn't even matter! Does it not realize that I am higher up in the ranks of the BLPW now than it? Does it not realize that I do hold something it never will? The GOLD! My brother and I worked our asses off for that gold, and we'll both be damned to hell before we let it go! The Violence Cartel wants it, the Stylish Rogues want it, the Faction most likely wants it and hell, even the OutKasts probably want it! But none of them will ever have it! Not so long as we're around! God dammit, we are the best tag team in BLPW! We'll always be the best tag team in BLPW! I am one half of that team, so that makes me one of the best wrestlers in the BLPW!!!

The Electrician paces some more. Then, he rubs his head with his fingers and speaks to himself. He knows the camera is there because hell, he just got done talking to it. But he speaks to himself for a purpose... or should we say himselves?

E: What the hell am I saying? I'm a 2 time BLPW Tag Champion! A former ACW World Champion! My tag partner is a former Western Title Champion! And I'm getting all twisted over what some f*cking, god damn lucky, talentless, wannabe pathetic rookie thinks of me?!

The Electrician storms out the door of the hotel room into the cold winter air, the camera follows him. He frantically searches around the parking lot for something, but what could it be?


The Electrician disappears behind a corner. The camera quickly follows, not wanting to miss any of the action. Rounding the corner we see the Electrician holding a brick in his hand. Where the hell did a brick come from? Ahh, who cares. I bet it's there for a good purpose though! The Electrician stares at the brick in his hand. Do it! Do it f*cker! Bring me the brick I'll f*ckin' do it for ya!

The Electrician rears back the brick. Closing his eyes... THUD! YES! Do it again! Do it again! In case you, the viewer, happen to be blind and haven't guessed yet, the Electrician just nailed himself in the head with that brick as hard as he could. Which should have knocked him out but who the hell cares. That was sweet! And look! He's dizzy now! The Electrician staggers about, trying to maintain his balance and when attempting to round the corner to get back to his room, he walks straight into the wall. He doesn't fall over though. He just stands there, using the wall as a guide. Eventually he makes it back to his room. He slowly sits down on the bed.

E: That's better. I really needed that. Now it's back to the same ol' Electrician. The one that doesn't give a f*ck what anybody thinks or says or does. The one that's proud of who he is and what he does. Heath Newton can overlook me all he wants, but come Epic I will own him and there's nothing she can say or do or think that will change that. I am the most electrified man in sports entertainment today. I am the electrified one. I am the Electrician, god dammit, and soon Heath will know the meaning of that. He will feel the pain of the Crossed Wires and he will tap.

The Electrician looks back into the camera.

E: So keep up your crack rantings Heath. Keep staring at that petite, woman-like body of yours and enjoy it. You will have to, because come Epic you belong to me. I am the pimp and so help me God, Heath Newton you will be my bitch.

The scene fades to black.