The scene opens. Where? We're not really sure. The BLPW camera crew got lost somewhere on the streets of Reading, PA so we can't say with any certainty where this RP is taking place at... well, aside from the fact that it's in Reading, PA but we all knew that already... or something. Anyway, the camera man walks around a bit, rolling footage, and various people look strangely into the camera, some flip it off, others act like dorks. Same ol' same ol'. The scene cuts to static.

It returns momentarily, revealing that the crew is now inside a hotel room of sorts. Looks like the typical Motel 6 room. Nothing fancy. A bed, a TV, a phone, and a small table with a chair scooted up to it. You have to know who's hotel room this is. After all, what other BLPW superstar(s) would go for anything but the basics? That's right- none. Well, maybe Aftershock and Panik but they're OutKasts now so they don't count. (Authors note: hehe, hadda say it) Out of nowhere the bathroom door opens and out walks the Electrician, his hair wet and he tosses a wet towel aside so we can only guess that he just got out of the shower. That or he just pissed all over himself. One never knows with this guy. He spots the camera and we all know what's coming now... DUN! DUN! DUN!... the promo!

But honestly, how can one crazy shit talk another crazy? After viewing Heath's latest work, one really has to question which one of the two is craziest. The Electrician licks 9-volt batteries all the time, and Heath is talking to himself in the mirror. The Electrician does that too, talks to himself that is, but he doesn't do it in the mirror. And he definitely doesn't touch his chest in a play-with-himself manner. That's Krista's job. So I guess we can only say this: The Electrician is crazier and Heath Newton is still a woman.

Anyway, the Electrician speaks.

E: Heath, what can I say? That's the problem, I can't say anything other than the fact that we seem to be the same kind of people. No, I'm not a woman like you, but it does seem as though we disregard other people because they're not as important as ourselves. There's only one problem with that. I do respect other people, and I do respect other wrestlers- just not in the ring. In the ring is where I own my opponent. In the ring is where I will own you. Truth be told my singles record here isn't exactly the greatest in the world but when it comes to you, and my new way of thinking I might add, it will be different.

See I used to fight my true inhibitions. I used to fight the true me. But not anymore. Come Epic you and everyone else will witness what I am truly made of, and they'll wish they hadn't seen it. You on the other hand, are going to wish you never met me. Like I said Heath, I've got something in store for you after I kick your ass and advance in the tournament. Oh, how many tears you will shed, how many stitches you will have to get. I promise, you're going to love it.

The Electrician takes a seat in the chair next to the small table.

E: I couldn't help but notice during your little crack-high rantings that you mentioned something about you having talent and skill and that's why people love you. First of all, your "talent" as you put it doesn't even exist, except in those terrible pictures that are taken of you. Secondly, your "skill" as you like to call it will be proven to be nothing more than a rookie's luck. I am the man that will put an end to your giant 2 win victory streak. I am the man that will have you begging for your own life, and I am the man who's face you will remember by the time I'm done with you. If you don't want to remember me all the way up until Epic, that's fine with me, but you will know and you will remember who I am when it's been done. When I've locked you in the Crossed Wires and when you tap because you can't take the pain. Then you will know. And after that... oh after that... you will become what you are: an ugly, greedy, selfish woman. I can promise you that much Heath.

And the people loving you? Give me a break Heath. The people don't love you. Nobody loves you. Except, perhaps, Mike Payne. But he's a no-account jobber so he loves anybody and everybody he thinks he can leech off of. But everybody else? No way. They love me. They love me and my brother. Why? Because we give them what they want to see. We give them entertaining matches and promo's, we give them reasons to laugh and we give them something to look forward to week after week. But you. What do you give them? A swift kick in the ass if you're in a good mood. And if you're in a bad mood? You make them put up with your bitching and moaning, your constant, childish demands, and just having to watch you on camera. Nobody loves that Heath, and nobody ever will. But my brother and I? They'll continue to love us long after we've gone. 50 years from now when we've long since retired, people will be thinking to themselves "I miss the Technicians. They were awesome, and they were worth watching." If you're lucky they'll remember you, and only because of your never-ending bitch attitude. Hell, they'll love Double J before they love you; and Double J is probably the most hated man in BLPW today. They don't love you Heath. I can tell you right now that every single person in that arena come Epic will be wanting me to win the match. They look forward to what I have in store for you because they know it's going to be something they'll enjoy watching. It's going to be something they'll want to see over and over again.

So continue smoking your crack and tickling your own nipples. Continue staring at yourself in the mirror and continue thinking that you are somebody, because the clock is ticking Heath. Only 4 days to go, and then we'll see what you're really made of. Then we'll see the bitch that you truly are. Then I'll give the people what they've been asking for since your debut: to scar up that smooth, scarless face of yours. To make you bleed and to make you hurt. And trust me Heath, I will do just that.

How ironic that the second the Electrician finishes speaking, the Mechanic comes walking in eh? He's carrying a paper sack marked "Hardee's" on it and sets the bag on the table. I really don't think the camera's are gonna stick around for this, so the scene fades to black.

-Off Camera

M: Dude, you're not going to believe this!

E: What?

M: The Stylish Rogues actually think they can be Tag Team Champions!

The Technicians, most expectedly, break out in laughter.

M: What's even better- the both of them think they actually have a chance in the NA Title tournament!

Yep, laughter once again.

E: Oh my Devil... that's funny. They actually think they're gonna get past me in the tourney. I'll rip them apart.

M: Not only that, but we'd murder them if they ever attempted to go for these titles!

E: For sure. Yeah, Trepanier got lucky once with that fag partner of his, but that was nothing more than beginners luck. We're better than we've ever been, and nothing can stand in our way!

M: Ya got that right. By the way, did you hear what Rap Legend had to say a few days ago to you?

E: Yeah, I caught it but I didn't think there was any reason to acknowledge it. He's still down there on the card a ways. He's got a long way to go before he'll even be in the same wrestling class here as we are. Besides, he's still as dumb as he was back in ACW.

M: What's even better is that he's delusional. Not only is he still flopping his schlong around, but he thinks you only held the World Title for a month!

E: What a dumbass. I held that title for 3 months straight! And I would've held it longer had that jackass Mr. Balls not knocked me out at Genocide! Hell, Next King was the only one to ever break that record!

M: I'd have to agree with ya there. Nemesis was about the only one of those other 3 to have a chance.

E: Yeah. Nemesis was a damn good wrestler. I kinda miss that big lug. What ever happened to him anyway?

M: He just disappeared that one time. Nobody's seen or heard from him since.

E: Damn.

M: By the way... what's this "new side" of you that you keep babbling about?

E: Heh... can't tell ya that. You'll just have to wait and see like everybody else.

M: Oh come on! It's not like I'm gonna tell anybody.

E: No chance.

M: Fine then, be a dick. But at least tell me what you're going to do to Heath after you pummel him into the mat.

E: I'm in the mood to workout. Let's go to the gym and I'll tell ya on the way.

M: Can't you just explain over dinner? I brought Hardee's f*cker!

E: Fine.

The Technicians dig into the sack of food...