-Off camera

The Technicians seem to be loitering around a busy terminal at the Philidelphia Airport. Both are leaning up against a wall, watching people as they hurridly walk by with their carry-on bags in hand, trying to be the first in line to board the plane. It is then that a woman's voice is heard shouting.

Woman: KEITH!!!

Keith, known to you as the Mechanic, looks in the direction of the voice and smiles upon seeing who it is. He runs over to the woman and she jumps on him, wrapping her legs around his waist and hugging him tight. We see that it's Kendra. Just then...

Another woman: DAVE!!!

Dave, known to you as the Electrician, looks in the direction of the shout and smiles. He casually walks up to the woman and hugs her. If you haven't guessed by now, it's Krista. Yes, the girls have finally returned from their vacation in Europe, and have lots of stories to tell their boyfriends. The Technicians put their arms around their respective girlfriends, then the 4 walk towards the baggage claim, exchanging the typical "how are you?" talk and what not.

Later that day...

-On Camera

The scene opens to reveal the Technicians and Krista and Kendra sitting in the Technicians apartment. They're simply talking, seemingly about nothing, and the Technicians both appear to be laughing. That is, until the audio tunes in.

Kendra: And he also said you guys were jealous of him.

E: No shit?

Kendra: No shit.

This causes the Technicians to laugh even more. They can't believe a wrestler, a very inexperienced wrestler at that, like Heath Newton thinks he even compares to their ability.

M: Oh, how conveniant.

Cameraman: Conveniant my ass. You called us here and you know it.

M: Mmm... yes, I did, didn't I? Oh well, it's fun to think you so conveniantly showed up anyway. So let's get to it.

We can only assume that the girls were telling the Technicians about the Heath Newton promo's they saw and were explaining what Heath said to the Technicians. At which time the Mechanic had to have picked up the phone and called for a camera crew. Isn't it funny how the camera crews are there when you don't want them, and not there when you do? Thereby causing the inconveniance of having to call them over. The camera focuses on the Technicians as Krista and Kendra leave the shot.

E: Jealous?

M: Jealous of you, Heath?

They can't help themselves. They laugh again.

E: What's there to be jealous of? *insert sarcastic tone here* Your dashing good looks? Your attitude? All those women you f*** but none of us have ever seen? Your almighty win over the BLPW's resident jobber Bob the Builder and your cowardly attack on Chris Trepanier? All those titles you haven't won? *remove sarcastic tone here* Yeah, we're jealous alright.

Yep, more laughter.

M: I think you're forgetting something here Heath. There's not a single thing you have that we don't. We've got money. We've got fame. We've got glory. We've got confidence. We've got Tag Team GOLD! Something you don't have, might I add. We've got millions of fans around the world. We've got pride... hell, there's only 2 things I can think of that you have that we don't. One, you don't have any visible scars; and two, you act like a woman. But that's the difference between us. See I'm sure that if you had a visible scar you'd immediately rush to the plastic surgeon and have it removed. But us? Hell no. We're proud of our scars. It's what makes us wrestlers.

E: And there's something else I've just happened to think of that you have that we don't. That is shame. You, Heath Newton... you have shame. Shame in the fact that no matter what you do you're never going to be happy because you think you're somebody here. Shame that you have to bitch and piss and moan like a woman because nothing will ever go right for you. But if I'm wrong about that- if you're happy that you have to be a woman to look like a man... well, I guess that's your problem. Truth be told it makes no difference to us because we'll take you out anytime, anyplace and that's something you can't deny. You think you're somebody because you've beaten Bob the Builder? Do you have any idea how little effort that takes? There isn't a person you can name that we can't handle... except Shawn Sanders and Mr. Satan... and maybe Double J. And that's a big maybe. Aside from those 3, I'm pretty sure there isn't a person on the the BLPW roster we couldn't beat. But you? You've got an entire career in the BLPW ahead of you that's going to involve getting your ass handed to you week after week. And why? Because you just can't take it when things don't go your way.

M: You wanna know why we get air time and you don't? Because we're wrestlers, not wanna-be's like you. You want to be called a wrestler so badly you can taste it. But us? We are wrestlers; we've been wrestlers for well over 2 and a half years. And that's something you're never going to understand until you drop that little bitch of yours, grab your f***ing balls if you have any, go into that ring and piss-pound a wrestler that's actually a somebody. We can proudly say that we've beaten Craig Williams and the Law- 2 wrestlers that have been upper mid-carders and main eventers when we were just a couple of nobody's in the BLPW. We've also beaten KGB and Darth Borac for a second reign as BLPW Tag Team champions- two wrestlers that have been in BLPW longer than we'll probably ever be.

E: And who can you say you've beaten? Bob the Builder and Chris Trepanier... *insert sarcastic tone here* wow, boy I gotta tell ya, I'm impressed.... *remove sarcastic tone here* NOT!

M: To summarize this for you Heath: don't try to be somebody until you are somebody. Until then, just be happy that you're here.

The scene fades to black.

-Off camera

Krista: Okay, I can't wait anymore...

The Electrician is grabbed by the shirt from behind and drug over the top of the chair down the hall.