I knew we could do it. KGB and Darth Borac couldn't beat us in singles competition, and they couldn't do it in tag competition either. I just wish I would have strangled that Mad Scientist after the match was over, but it matters not because my brother and I made history last night. Last night was our night when we became the first ever 2 time BLPW Tag Champs; and we couldn't be more proud because we did it in what quite possibly was the most awkward of matches in BLPW's history. No, it wasn't daring, and it wasn't death-defying, but awkward it definitely was. I loved it when my brother shot KGB with that nail gun. That was great.


I downed a shot of whiskey with my brother. Despite being battered, bloody, and a little stitched up, we are completely full of ourselves tonight. And we have damn good right to be. We not only made history, but we proved once again why we are the best tag team the BLPW will ever know. Not to mention the fact that Xain Youyang is now powerless so we don't have to worry about that cocksucker.

E: To grandma.

M: To grandma.

We downed another shot; savoring every moment we could of our celebration party. It's just too bad the girls aren't here- I'd definitely be gettin' some celebratory lovins from Kendra.

M: Man, that was one hell of a match last night.

E: Yeah it was; but what was even funnier is the nail gun shoot out they had after the match was over! Can you believe that shit?

M: Well, since I watched it all happen, yeah. But that was just crazy. I mean, we used to shoot bottle rockets at each other and there was that one time I stuck that pitchfork in your foot, but we've never shot nail guns at each other!

E: True. Perhaps we should try that sometime, just for the hell of it.

I had to laugh. My brother's always trying to find new things to do when we get bored. I mean hell, when we played RoboCop vs. the Terminator, that was his idea. When we went to the mideival museum, that was his idea. Hell, I don't think there's been a single thing we've done that wasn't his idea- other than start wrestling. Of course, credit for that goes to our other brother the Plumber. He was actually the first one of us to start wrestling, but his bitch of a wife made him give it up. Damn her. Course he wasn't known as the Plumber back then but Fat Bastard Blacksmith. Heh, I wouldn't mind it if he came around the BLPW.

E: Ahh crap!

I looked and saw what my brother was upset about. Damn that camera crew anyway. Why must they always bother us when we're having fun? Oh well, as long as... DAMMIT! That fat bastard Bill Ogilvy brought them here! Great, now the night is completely ruined!

Bill: Good evening, mind if I join you?

E: Yes we do. Go away.

Bill: Good, I thought you'd like me to be here.

M: Go away from us.

Bill: Please guys, I know you're happy to see me, but no gratuitous comments are necessary.

E: Get out of here! We're trying to celebrate!

Bill: Okay let's get started. First of all, how do you guys feel after becoming the first ever 2 time BLPW Tag Team Champions?

M: We feel like kicking some ass. And you're the prime target.

Bill: That's wonderful. You not only did that, but you have also proven your never ending statements about being the best tag team in the BLPW. How does it feel knowing you've done that as well?

E: Bill, here's an idea.

Bill: Oh?

E: Yeah. You stand up, walk over to the door, open it, and then I'll kick your fat ass right out of this bar! Sound good?

Bill: Good to hear guys. So Mechanic, care to comment on your upcoming, non-title match against the new BLPW Western Champion Jason Black?

M: Shut your face. Bottom line, Jason Black is in for a surprise if he thinks he can beat me. He's merely a lost puppy in the middle of a city, too young to know his way back home. But I'll be kind enough to give him direction by kicking his ass straight out of the ring!

Bill: Excellent, excellent. So what can you tell me about your future plans for the titles?

E: I'm about two seconds away from breaking my foot off in your ass.

Bill: That's awesome guys. I'm really happy to hear it. So why don't we all have a celebratory drink?

I truly wanted to kick Bill's ass for taking my shot of whiskey. It was almost as if he was asking for his ass to be kicked, and after Emily pummeled him like she did, I'm surprised he has the nerve to act like he does. He's just lucky he got up and left when he did, otherwise he'd be in intensive care right now.