OOC: This seems to be all the rage in the BLPW lately, so I figured I'd have a crack at it Look for a Mechanic one too.

E: What the hell is he talking about?

I couldn't help but wonder if the Mad Scientist really knew what was on the line at Nuclear Winter after watching his latest promo. Ahh crap! The camera crew is here... I don't wanna cut a promo now. Dammit, I need some lovins... and Krista and Kendra are on vacation! But wait... is that what I think it is? Yes! It is! A 9 volt battery! Mmm... gotta love it. I feel much better now. So does Mike Hawk. That little bastard. Who the hell is he to kick me and my brother in the nuts?! It's a good thing we're feeling better today otherwise we might not be able to leave tonight for the road trip back to Florida for the show. Funny thing is, I can't even remember why we came back to Philly in the first place. It was to get something, but I can't remember what.

E: Mad Scientist- don't think that we don't appreciate you wishing us luck in this match. It means a lot coming from a guy who's puppet used to be at the top of the BLPW. But I'm not sure you understand exactly why we've been wanting a rematch for the Tag Titles.

M: Yeah. See, it's not a respect thing so much as it is an image thing. Nobody can deny that when we held those titles, we looked good with them and we were the best tag champs the BLPW had ever seen. We defended those titles 4 times in the 7 weeks we held them, not counting the final defense at Dead on Arrival. And each and every time, there wasn't a single tag team that stepped up to the challenge that could take them away from us.

God my brother sounds like a jackass right now.

E: I think what my brother is trying to say is, well, they're ours for the taking. No offense, but KGB and ol' Borac haven't exactly been at the top of their game lately. And well, we feel it's our duty as the best tag team in the BLPW to put those titles where they belong: around our waists.

Who the hell is on the phone at this hour?

E: Get that would ya?

M: Holy shit!

E: What?

M: It's Kendra! She said that KGBorac have made a mockery of us by doing a sketch where they acted as us and we were in a mental institute when we left and that we're more pathetic than Storm Front 2000... what? You're kidding me!

Tell me! Tell me!

M: She said that they said grandma's death was just an excuse so the fans wouldn't know we were in a mental institute!

E: Oh that's it, they are so (bleep)ing dead those fat mother (bleep)ing (bleep)ers!!!

M: You got that right!

I can't believe they would actually have the never to insinuate our grandmother didn't die! They are definitely going to pay for this!

E: KGB, Borac... you know, I was looking forward to this match not only because it was our chance to kick your asses for those titles, but also because it was a chance to step in the ring against a team that would of actually presented a challenge. But now I have yet another reason to look forward to it- to make you pay for thinking we would be so stupid and ignorant. You have no idea how wonderful a woman our grandmother was and you have no idea how incredibly much we miss her. We just try not to think about it because it's easier to deal with that way. But you know what? This isn't just a match for the tag titles anymore... this ass-whooping in which you are about to receive is for grandma. You just better hope we take it easy on you.

M: And as for the little comment about us being more pathetic than Storm Front 2000... we don't think so. They won out of sheer luck. You see, we were Tag Champs long before Storm Front 2000 even existed... hell, we were tag champs long before the team of KGBorac existed! And just how often did Storm Front 2000 show their faces after winning the tag titles? Not very damn much, thus proving the fact that they were quite possibly the worst tag champs ever. The same goes for KGBorac. How often have your pathetic asses defended those titles? Not once. Not a single time in the 5 weeks you have been champions have you defended those titles. But what about us? What about the Technicians? We were out there busting our asses show after show, week after week, defending those titles for all we were worth. Except those few times when I was participating in the Western Title tournament and defending the title itself. And you have the nerve to say that we're more pathetic than Storm Front 2000?! You really are mad... because from the looks of things, we're the most worthy champions those tag titles have ever known. And we shall be again.

Damn, I never knew he could be so passionate about things like this... it's just too bad he's a jackass.

E: You got that right. And I'll tell you another thing. When it's all said and done, and the Technicians have become the first 2 time BLPW World Tag Team Champions, you will know what it's like to be...


Camera man: OUCH!

I couldn't help it... my foot just took over and kicked the cameraman in the ass. It wasn't my fault, honestly it wasn't. I guess I need to learn to control myself sometimes. But I kid you not, when I get my hands on Mike Hawk, the word control won't even be in my vocabulary.