The scene opens to reveal Mike Hawk sitting at his desk, working on his computer. He seems rather involved in whatever he's working on and is rather startled when, seemingly out of nowhere, the latest issue of BLPW Magazine is slapped down on the desk in front of him, causing him to jump back. Gripping the chair for all he's worth, Mike looks up and sees the Technicians standing before him, looking rather unpleased. He immediately puts his "game face" on.

Mike: Something I can help you assholes... I mean gentlemen with?

M: Yeah, you can explain yourself!

Mike: Excuse me?

M: Duhhh! Duhhh! Are you deaf? Did I! You heard me!

Mike: I'm afraid I have no idea what you're talking about.

The Mechanic picks up the issue of BLPW magazine and flips through it to somewhere towards the end. He flips it around and holds the mag in front of Mike's face, then points to the Top 10 wrestlers list. Mike looks at it.

Mike: What about it?

E: Hello, McFly? Anybody home?

Mike: What?

E: LOOK at the Top 10 list!

Mike: What about it?

E: Well, if you look closely enough, you'll see that OUR NAMES AREN'T ON IT!!!

Mike sits there in silence, stunned at the complete and udder stupidity of the two men before him and trying to figure out just what the hell they are babbling about. Everybody knows the Top 10 is reserved for single wrestlers only... well, almost everybody. It appears our good buddies the Technicians aren't aware of this fact and are therefore making complete asses of themselves.

Mike: Uhm... I don't really know how to put this, but in case you haven't noticed, you two are a tag team.

M: What does that have to do with anything?

Mike: Okay, I'm going to make this as simple as possible so you two pea-brains can understand it. You two are a tag team, correct?

M: Yeah.

As the Mechanic is answering the question Mike Hawk stands up and walks around his desk, placing a hand on the Mechanic's shoulder and a hand on the Electricians shoulder.

Mike: Okay. The Top 10 list is for singles wrestlers only. Since you two mainly function as a tag team and are very rarely in singles matches, that disqualifies you from the Top 10. Understand?

M: But the Law and Craig Williams are both on the Top 10, and they're a tag team!

Mike: Right, but they've both been singles wrestlers since they came into the BLPW.

E: Maybe but look at this! For your explanation as to why the Law was on the Top 10, you put, and I quote, "Lost this past week to Vindicater and is on a bit of a down going into Nuclear Winter against Mr. Satan." What the hell?! You could've listed one of us instead of the Law, and for such a crap reason!

Mike takes a breath as if he's going to say something, then looks at the ground.

Mike: Oh to hell with it.

Mike suddenly kicks the Electrician in the groin, and before the Mechanic can react he kicks the Mechanic in the groin as well. He looks down at both wrestlers lying on the ground and holding their nuts in pain and laughs.

Mike: Pussies.

Mike walks out of the camera's view for a cup of coffee as the scene fades to black.

The scene returns seconds later, so we're assuming that a significant amount of time has passed. But hell, what do I know? I'm just narrating this crap. We see the Technicians, both lying back in their apartment and ice packs on their genital area's. They're both moaning in pain and upon seeing the camera, the Electrician throws the ice pack off his nuts and jumps up.

E: What are you talking about? We're fine!

The Mechanic does the same thing.

M: Uhh, yeah, we're fine! Hey bro, let's go grab a couple beers. We can't be driving back to Florida without a beer before the road trip now can we?

E: Of course not!

The Mechanic and the Electrician both take a step towards the kitchen, and we can immediately tell they regret it. They both stagger about in pain, walking as if they had just lost their man-virginity if you know what I mean. They don't make it halfway to the kitchen when they both collapse.

M: Okay, no more acting. I'm in more pain now than I thought I could ever be in. I swear it, Mike Hawk is gonna pay!

E: Damn straight he is! Damn Mike Hawk anyway. Who the hell does he think he is?

M: I don't know. But after we take back those Tag Titles, Mike Hawk is gonna regret not putting us in the Top 10.

E: That's for sure. I'll show Mike Hawk what a real man is made of. I'll show him good.

M: Definitely. And if Mike Hawk thinks he has a chance of not ending up in intensive care, he's sadly mistaken.

E: You got that right. Mike Hawk is definitely going down.

M: For sure. Be prepared, Mike Hawk, because you will definitely be...


Okay, the Technicians are done saying things about Mike Hawk. At least I would hope so... all this talk about Mike Hawk is making me sick. The scene fades to black as we hear the Electrician mutter some final words...

E: Man I wish Krista was here to make Mike Hawk feel better...

Okay, that was just terrible.

Disclaimer: No persons were injured during the writing of this RP. The Keebler Elves went skinny dipping in the tub of chocolate in their factory; but other than that, all systems are a go.