The scene opens to reveal the Technicians just as they are about to pull out of the motel parking lot in Fort Meyers, FL. Their bags can be seen in the back seat of the Mechanic's red humvee and they're just about to climb in when none other than Barry Burton comes charging at them, screaming and waving his arms like a madman.

Barry: WAIT!

The Electrician turns around and sees Barry charging full bore, then turns to his brother.

E: Should we give him the honor?

M: Meh... I suppose. It's either him or Bill, and I don't know about you, but I'd rather put up with Barry than that fat bastard Bill.

E: You got a point.

Barry catches up to the Technicians as they walk around to the back end of the humvee and lean up against it. Barry stands there momentarily to catch his breath.

Barry: Glad I caught you... (gasp) I didn't think I would, you guys (gasp) leave pretty early.

M: Yeah well, we've gotta go back to Philly before we come back to Florida and hit Jacksonville.

Barry: Why?

E: We just do, that's all you need to know.

Barry: All right.

There is a few moments of silence.

M: I believe you wanted to interview us?

Barry: Oh, right. First things first, how do you guys feel about your victory over the Force?

The Technicians look at each other and then back to Barry and start chuckling.

Barry: What's so funny?

M: Barry, did you not know that our win over those two nincompoops is like the 3rd or 4th time we've beaten them?

Barry: Well yeah.

E: Okay, then you should know that we feel nothing after beating those two last night. They stopped being a challenge the first time we beat them, and come to think of it, they weren't even really a challenge the first time we beat them anyway. It's like sex- it feels really good and completely incredible the first time you do it, but after a while you just start doing it for shits and giggles. We didn't choose to face the Force at Epic, so when we found out that we were, we just decided to beat them for the hell of it. It's not like we had anything better to do. But you know, we did decide to make it a little preview of what the soon to be non- Tag Champs will get at Nuclear Winter.

M: That's right. We had a feeling we'd be getting our shot at Nuclear Winter, but we didn't want to say anything about it in case we were wrong. But since we know for sure that we're getting our rematch, we can truthfully say that what we did at Epic was only a preview of the things to come at Nuclear Winter. It's inevitable. We are destined to be the BLPW Tag Champs, and us alone. I promise you Barry, once we regain what is rightfully ours, we will never be dethroned again.

Barry: Speaking of which, what do you have to say about your stipulation match at Nuclear Winter. That Ultimate Hardware match?

E: Ultimate Hardware huh?

M: From what I hear, this type of match takes place in an industrial production shop; or a shop of some kind. Sounds bloody, and sounds just like what we've been waiting for. I know I speak for both of us when I say we'll get bloody, beaten, bruised, and broken if it means we get those titles- and nothing will stand in our way. Not even the great team of KGB and Darth Borac, for we are the best tag team the BLPW has ever seen; and it will stay that way.

E: Damn straight. And hell, if we can beat KGB and Borac in singles competition, there's no reason why we can't beat them in a tag match.

M: Got that right.

Barry: But I think both of you can vouch for the fact that tag matches are completely different than singles competition.

E: As true as that may be, Barry, the fact still remains that we are the best tag team in the BLPW.

Barry: Right. Moving on, Mechanic, I can remember hearing you say something about getting back into the race for singles gold. Is this still true?

M: Of course. But like I said, it won't be until after we reclaim the Tag Titles. Right now, they're all that matters. But once we take them back, then I'll try my hand at singles gold again. Despite my short reign as BLPW Western Champion, I thought I did rather well. But hell, I lost it to Mr. Satan. If I was gonna lose it to anybody in the BLPW, I'm glad it was to Satan. He's definitely a worthy competitor and that will be proven at Nuclear Winter as will the fact that we will take back the Tag Titles.

Barry: I see. So what would you say has been your biggest challenge since losing the titles, afterwards when you left for a few weeks, then returned?

E: There's no doubt that we've more or less been jerked around the card since we returned. From mid-carding to pre-main eventing and back down. It's kind of like riding a roller coaster- fast and confusing. But our biggest challenge since returning would of had to be when we faced the Faction. As much as we hate those cocksuckers, we have to give them credit in the ring. They're not as awesome as we are...

M: Naturally!

E: But they know what they're doing.

Barry: I see. Well, my final question is this. When the heck are you going to have some merchandise made? I've been dying for a Technicians tee shirt since you guys debuted in the BLPW!

M: (chuckling) Not to worry Barry. All I'll say is that the project is currently being worked on. Soon enough there will be enough tee shirts and Technician merchandise to go around.

Barry: Well... do you happen to have an idea when it will hit the market?

M: We're not sure yet, but...

Barry: Please?! You can tell me, I won't say a word, I promise!

M: If you'd...

Barry: Come on! Tell me!

E: Oh for crying out loud!

The Electrician walks around to the side of the humvee and opens the door. He reaches into his duffel bag and pulls out a tee shirt and walks back around to the back end of the humvee. He holds it up for Barry to see. On the front it says "The Technicians" and the Electrician flips it around, the back side reading "Time to fix the house" and it has a picture of the BLPW Tag Titles on it. The Electrician tosses it to Barry.

E: Take that, it's a prototype. Just shut up already.

Barry: Sweet!

Barry runs off, giggling like a school girl at his new found treasure and the Mechanic looks at the Electrician.

M: What did you give him that one for?

E: To shut him up, why else?

M: Oh, right.

E: Let's get outta here.

M: Touche.

The Technicians walk around to their respective sides of the humvee and climb in. The Mechanic starts the humvee and backs up, then the humvee drives off as the scene fades to the picture in my signature spot.