The scene opens to reveal the Electrician sitting on his lazy ass watching some TV reality show. One can only wonder where the Mechanic is, and what he's doing, so we just concentrate on the Electrician for the time being. Then, the Mechanic walks into view, wearing a cooking apron and some oven mitts.

M: Guess what.

E: What?

M: I'm making my favorite.

E: Oh god no... not Nuts'n'Bolts Casserole again!

M: Oh yeah!

E: Damn... why can't you ever make my favorite?

M: What? I've made High Voltage Chili for the past 3 damn weeks!

E: So make it again.

M: God... you and your voltage. VOLTAGE! VOLTAGE! VOLTAGE! I am so sick of hearing about...

E: voltage?


The Mechanic storms off back into the kitchen and the Electrician laughs. He looks into the camera.

E: Heh... all I got to say is I hope that anger really comes out when we go for the titles. He's just been stressed lately because he hasn't been kickin' ass. Sure, we won last week, but that was against jobbers for cryin' out loud. Remember that night he got beat up by the bum? Well, the only thing that made him feel better is beating the crap out of a priest. Yes, I did say priest. So, now that he's sealed his own fate and will burn in hell forever, at least he's feelin' good about himself. Confidence sucks, especially when you ain't got any. Oh well, I'm sure that we'll be able to take the tag titles this week. Honestly, Panik and Boromir haven't been seen for quite a while around here, so it shouldn't be a problem.

Regardless, I'm his brother, and if it comes down to it... I'll slap him again.

The scene fades out as the Electrician unleashes a very cheesy grin.