The scene opens to reveal the Law relaxing on his plush leather couch in the living room of his newly built home, quickly flipping through the 500 satellite channels as he stares at the TV. He takes a drink from the glass of iced tea sitting on the end table next to him, not even bothering to look at the TV as he continues to flip through the channels, then sets the glass back down on the end table. He goes back to staring at the TV, when, wouldn't ya know it, he comes across the BLPW channel. On it is Bill Ogilvy and Law, for reasons unknown, decides to listen to what Bill is saying. He rests the remote on his leg.

Bill: ... and I'm here with the Technicians...

Law: Oh God no!

The Law frantically grabs for the remote, but he unintentionally pushes it off his leg and it falls to the floor, and while reaching for it, he accidentally pushes it underneath the couch.

Bill: ... and we're all excited to hear what they have to say about this.

Law: No we're not! Shut up Bill!

The Law quickly gets down to his knees and reaches underneath the couch for the remote.

Law: Ah-ha!

The Law pulls out the remote and quickly faces it towards the TV and hits the "Channel Up" button, but nothing happens. He pushes it again, still nothing.

Bill: ... but before that happened...

Law: What the?

The Law flips the remote control over and sees that the backing has fallen off and thus, the batteries fell out.

Law: Oh God, it's hopeless!

The Law grabs his head as if a sudden, strong headache just hit him. He groans and little bit and then slips into a state of unconsciousness as Bill asks the first question of the interview and he hears the Electrician begin answering. The camera's focus turns to the TV.

Bill: What do you have to say about this?

E: Well Bill, quite frankly, we're insulted.

Bill: How so?

E: Well, when we faced the Force a few weeks ago, they cut promo's just like everyone else. We beat them; and now they're acting like they're too damn good to cut promo's against us!

M: Yeah, it is insulting. If anybody's too good to cut promo's against their opponent, its us! Especially when you consider that we're facing the Force for like the 3rd time now and they're yet to even challenge us in the ring!

Bill: I guess you have a point, so are you saying that the Force isn't a good tag team?

E: Bill, c'mon now, would we really say something like that?

Bill: You said it about the Faction just 2 weeks ago!

The Electrician looks at the Mechanic.

E: Dammit, he's right!

M: Well, we wouldn't say that about the Force. As little as they may challenge us in the ring, they do have more experience in the tag team division than the Faction does.

E: This is true. At the same time, the Faction would probably kick their asses.

M: Phh, with their pathetic talents? You're kidding right?


E: Christ man, quit letting our ego get ahead of us! We're good, there's no denying that, but there's no denying that the Faction put up a pretty good fight.

M: Ouch, okay, fine, just stop slapping me!

Bill: Moving on, are you hoping for a Tag Title shot soon?

The Electrician looks as though he's about to backhand Bill.

E: Bill, we've been aching for a rematch since we returned over a month ago. And believe you me, there's gonna be hell to pay for Xain Youyang if he doesn't give us what we so rightfully deserve!

Bill: How do you figure that?

E: Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't he putting ownership of the BLPW on the line at Nuclear Winter?

Bill: Well, yeah.

E: Now wouldn't it just be a shame if, by some force other than "The Force," Xain's team, the Faction, was knocked out for no apparent reason during the match?

Bill: Are you trying to say you'll cause Xain Youyang his ownership if you don't get your rematch?

E: No, I'm saying that you're a complete moron! Yes, that's exactly what I'm sa....

The Mechanic slaps his hand over his brothers mouth.

M: You'll have to excuse my brother Bill, he gets a little carried away sometimes. What he's saying is that it would be a shame to see Xain lose his ownership due to, uhh... Sir Isaac Newtons 3rd Law of Motion.

Bill: Huh?

M: Oh come on, everybody knows Isaac Newton's 3rd Law of Motion!

Bill: What the hell are you talking about?

M: Every action creates an equal and opposite reaction you dummy!

The Mechanic removes his hand from the Electricians mouth, who's still ranting as the Mechanic wipes some slobber off his hand onto his jeans.

E: ... and I swear on my very own grave that if you ever speak that way again, I'll rip out your eyes and piss on your brains! (Authors Note: See if you can guess where I got that line!)

Bill: Riiiight. Anyway, any final words before we conclude this interview?

E: Yes.

The Electrician looks deep into the camera as if Aftershock and Panik were standing right in front of him.

E: Listen you two, we've tried to be nice, we've tried to be cool, we've tried to give you all the time you need! We've had to beat off 4, count 'em 4 camera crews with a stick, even that one with the really hot camera chick, just so we wouldn't have to cut another promo until you did! But noooo, you just can't do that can you? It amazes me that, for as smart as a Jedi is supposed to be, neither of the two of you can remember to cut a simple promo! Well that does it! No more waiting! If we feel the need to cut a promo when a camera crew is present, we will! And there's not a single thing you or anybody else can do to stop us!

M: Yeah, what he said!

The scene on the TV cuts to a promotion for the week's upcoming edition of Epic when the Law is heard groaning again.

Law: Uhn... what happened? All I remember is this shooting pain in my head and then... that's it. I can't remember what happened after that.

The scene fades to a bad tie-dye combination of turquoise, fuschia, green and yellow as the Law recovers from his traumatic experience.