If I had a million dollars, I'd buy yoooouuuuu.... oh, sorry. Just jammin' out to some Barenaked Ladies. Uhm, okay. So like, the scene opens and uhhh... erm... ehh... dammit! Okay, let's start over.

The scene opens outside a Holiday Inn of Fort Meyers, FL. We see the Technicians walking out of the doors. But wait... this can't be right. The Technicians... possibly the only two wrestlers in the BLPW that don't need a bunch of fancy surroundings to survive and shoot promo's in. The two wrestlers that do live in the shittiest apartment ever known to man... and they've checked in at a Holiday Inn? This can't be right! It just plain isn't right! Dammit, they've got a reputation to uphold! That's it, I quit!

E: Man, I'm not paying 200 bucks a night for a damn room! That's just crazy!

(from a distance) Huh? Oh, okay, they were just checking prices. Whoo, that's a relief. Well, okay then. They get back into the Mechanics humvee, which they used to drive to Fort Meyers, and ironically enough, our camera is inside the humvee.

M: Let's go have a look at the Motel 6.

E: Now you're talkin!

The scene fades out, then fades back in revealing the Mechanic jumping on a bed. He's singing aloud, though there is no one in the room, and his voice is terrible. Absolutely terrible. And this crap of a song is quite obviously off the top of his head.

M: And I just wish we had our rematch for the tag titles, ooooh yeah. And I just wish we'd stop facing the Force all the time, ooooh yeah. If the BLPW would only see, that nothing is gonna stop my brother and me, ooooh yeah. Then maybe we'd finally get our shot, and really hit those bastards with a clock, ooooh yeah. Or maybe the bell, ooooh yeah. But I guess we'll have to wait, until Nuclear Winter is ga-haaaa!

The Mechanic is suddenly tackled to the ground by the Electrician.

E: Would you shut the f*ck up?! I'm trying to get some sleep!

M: So go back to the front desk and ask for a sound proof room then!

E: Yeah, like they have those here! This is a Super 8!

M: Hey, it's not my fault the Motel 6 was full.

E: Maybe not, but still, shut the f*ck up!

M: Sure. But while you're here...

The Mechanic points to the camera and the Electrician sighs.

E: I suppose.

Both men sit down on the edge of the bed. They both remain quiet, then the Electrician looks at the Mechanic.

E: Well?

M: Well what?

E: You gonna talk or what?!

M: Oh.


M: Ouch. Hey, you're always starting promo's, not me. You should be slapping yourself.

E: I'll be damned, you're right for once.

The Electrician slaps himself.

E: Okay, go ahead.

M: K.

Both turn and face the camera again.

M: Basically, we're gonna kick your ass, blah blah blah. What is there really to say to you guys? Wasn't it the week before last when we faced you and won? I mean, are you pleasuring Xain with all your force talk or something? I hope this isn't going to become too regular a thing, otherwise we'll never get our rematch!

E: Yeah, and we can't be having that. After all, we do have a reputation as the best BLPW Tag Team to uphold, and it would be a shame to disappoint the millions...

Somehow, someway, the word "millions" can be heard being yelled by an arena full of BLPW fans.

E: ... and millions of Technician fans! After all, if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be where we are today! And I'd just hate to disappoint them.

M: I hear that. So basically, prepare to meet with the same fate you met with before... or something.

E: Yeah and uhh... like, when it's all said and done, and the ass-whooping has been dealt, you will be...


M: Wait a minute, that's not right is it?

E: No, no its not.

M: Oh, I got it!

The Mechanic whispers something into his ear.

E: Oh, right.

M: So when it's all said and done, the Force will be...


E: Wait a tick... that's not right either.

M: Yeah, it didn't sound right to me either.

E: What were those words?

M: Hmm...

The Mechanic and the Electrician suddenly make eye contact and their faces light up.

M: So when it's all said and done, and the bell has rung thus signifying that we are the winners, you will be...


Uhm... okay, that's not right either. It is Technically Destroyed... but unfortunately, the scene fades to black before they have a chance to say it again. Thus sparing the millions of BLPW fans that would happen to be watching this crap the pain of having to hear that stupid catchphrase again.