The scene opens to reveal the Mechanic sitting behind a desk. Well, kind of. His feet are up on the desk as he indulges in the latest issue of BLPW Magazine, wearing one of those old-time looking detective hats, but dressed in his usual tee shirt and jeans attire. The camera slowly zooms in on him, and it is then that the screen goes all squiggly and stuff, then returns in black and white. The Mechanic is once again sitting with his feet up on a desk and reading the latest issue of BLPW Magazine, the hat on his head. But this time, he's dressed in a suit. A Mechanic voice-over can be heard.

Mech voice-over: It was a rainy day. I had just settled down to read up on my favorite BLPW superstars the Technicians in BLPW Magazine when there was a knock at my door.

(At this point, we're going to cut into the story, as if we're actually witnessing this black and white scene.)

M: Come in.

The door opens and in walks Kendra, dressed in a 1940's style dress, carrying a 1940's style handbag. She's crying and the Mechanic stands up and sets the BLPW Magazine on the desk.

M: What's the matter Miss?

Kendra: My husband... he's been murdered in cold blood. I don't know what to do. The police aren't helping any, and everybody told me that you were the best.

Mech voice-over: I knew the story before she even told me. A jealous man that wanted to marry her had murdered her husband in hopes that she would come crying to him and then he would make his move. I did my best to comfort her, but she was becoming hysterical.

M: When did this murder take place?

Kendra: About a week ago.

M: And the police haven't gotten any leads as to who the suspect was?

Kendra: No... god I just don't know what to do.

M: All right, just calm down. You needn't worry because I'm on the case.

Kendra: Oh thank you, thank you.

Mech voice-over: I began asking her questions about the crime. When exactly it happened, where, and who she thought could of done such a thing. She revealed to me that it was in her house when she was away, and that all we had to go on was a bloody bootprint left by the killer. I immediately phoned my partner and we met at the womans house to investigate.

We see the Mechanic and the Electrician inside a house at the crime scene. The Electrician is dressed very similar to his brother. They begin studying the evidence thats in front of their eyes, and come to concentrate on the bloody bootprint.

M: Judging by the size of it, I'd say it's about a size 12 boot.

E: I agree. But look at the texture of it.

M: What texture?

E: Exactly! It's so smooth. It's definitely not a hiking boot or a work boot. It looks more like a print from that of a dress shoe. But it can't be because the shape isn't right.

M: You're exactly right. But it seems so familiar, what could this be from?

E: I don't know. I talked to the police and they're baffled. They said the husband had been stabbed repeatedly in the chest, his arms were broken and so was his neck.

M: So what was the cause of death?

E: A broken neck. The stab wounds appear to have been inflicted after death occured, making this a true crime of hate and passion. Whoever did this obviously wasn't satisfied with just a broken neck.

M: Hmm... then judging by the broken limbs, I'd say the husband struggled with the killer before his neck was broken.

E: Yeah, but who breaks necks these days? It's either shoot or stab.

M: You're exactly right.

Mech voice-over: We decided to call it a day and go back to the office and start doing some research. There was no way we were ever going to crack this case unless we dug into the books. It was a complete mystery. We had little to no clues except this boot print which seemed oddly familiar, and every time I turned around Mrs. Kendra was breathing down my neck, asking me how the investigation was coming along. This continued for a few days, until I finally came across a lead.

M: Oh my God! Get in here Dave!

The Electrician comes rushing into the Mechanic's office from his own. The Mechanic holds up a piece of paper with the exact same boot print as the one at the crime scene.

E: Whoa! Is that what I think it is...

M: Yes, indeed it is.

E: Oh my God. Then that means only one person could have killed the husband...

E & M: KGB!

M: Of course, of course! It all fits! The broken neck and arms. The size and shape of the boot print. But wasn't it 5 years ago when we arrested KGB for attempted murder?

E: It was! I remember that too... we broke in just as he was about to snap Mr. Archibald's neck!

M: Yeah... but how does a guy in prison kill somebody on the streets? He hasn't broken out.

E: Or has he?

Mech voice-over: I picked up the phone and got the prison that KGB was sent to. They reassured me that he was still in custody and serving his time rather peacefully. Hanging up the phone, I couldn't help but wonder what could be going on.

M: Let's take another look at the crime scene.

E: Sounds good to me.

The scene fades to black as the Technicians pull on their trenchcoats, then returns again in black and white at the crime scene. They take another look at the boot print. A closer look.

E: Oh my God... Keith, look at this!

M: What?

E: You see this smudge here? And notice how the blood seems to be thinned out closer to the edges?

M: Yeah.

E: That indicates that this boot print has been altered! Whoever made this boot print went to a lot of trouble to make it look bigger than it originally was!

M: They have... but who would...

Mech voice-over: It was then that I noticed the pair of womens boots in the corner of the room. I walked over and picked them up. Looking closely at the heel of the right boot, I saw a blood stain. It was then that I turned around and saw that Mrs. Kendra had a gun at my brothers head.

Kendra: I didn't think you would get this far Keith.

M: But why?

Kendra: I hated him. He treated me like I was his own personal slave. Made me do everything while he went off and partied and slept with other women. I hated him.

M: You do know that you're not going to get away with this don't you?

Kendra: Oh really? And why is that? Looks like I'm the one controlling things around here.

It is now that the door bursts open and a team of policemen barge in and arrest Kendra.

Mech voice-over: I couldn't help it but to wonder what would of happened if those policemen hadn't of come in when they did. I wasn't prepared to lose my brother, after all, we make a great team.

Mrs. Kendra was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her husband. From what I hear she spends the days sewing quilts together for widows. I hope she learned her lesson, because she's got a long time to think about it.

The screen gets all squiggly again and returns to color, back at the desk where the Mechanic sits with his feet up, sleeping. It is then that the Electrician walks in, air horn in hand, and sets it off.


The Electrician just laughs as the scene fades to black.