The scene opens outside the door to the Technicians apartment. Inside the sounds of welding can be heard, and Bill Ogilvy stands in front of the camera, a few stitches on his lip from when Emily beat the crap out of him, microphone in hand. Quite the early start for a fat guy wouldn't you say? (Authors note: no pun intended)

Bill: Good morning ladies and gentlemen. We are live outside the Technicians apartment on this chilly January morning to get the Electricians thoughts about what Darth Borac said late last night. (more welding sounds are heard) And to find out what is going on in there.

Bill, acting like he lives there, just opens the door to the Technicians apartment and he and the camera crew walk right in. They turn to the left and see the Electrician mig welding on the kitchen table. They see two towers made of aluminum resting on the table, and when the Electrician stops welding, he hears the floor creak under Bills weight, and immediately whips around, holding the gun of the welder as if it were an actual gun, the welding mask still covering his face.

E: (muffled due to the mask) Who goes there!?

Bill: It's me, Bill, and a camera crew.

The Electrician flips the welding mask up and sees Bill and the crew standing there. He smiles a pleasant smile (Authors note: for such an ugly face anyway) and removes the welding mask and gloves. After setting them on the table, he turns back to Bill, still smiling.

E: So good to see you my good man!

Bill: Huh?

E: You are just in time! Please, come in closer to witness the creation of the second Electrical Energy Tower!

Bill and the camera crew move in closer. The Electrician plugs in the Tower, and the sounds of electricity surging through the two towers can be heard.

E: You may be wondering right about now... how can it be called a tower when there's actually two towers?

Bill: Actually I was wondering if I could intervi...

E: I knew it! I love it when I'm right! Well, just watch this Bill, and you will know very shortly!

The Electrician flips a switch, and a bolt of electricity (Authors note: which could also be called lightning, but for the purposes of the RP we'll say electricity) jumps between the two towers. The Electrician turns a dial next to the switch, and slowly the bolt moves upward, eventually forming a peak. The Electrician smiles at this and applaudes his own work.

E: And there you have it! The Electrical Energy Tower!

Bill: And you're going to use this to electrocute Darth Borac?

The Electrician immediately hits the switch and the bolt disappears.

E: What? Of course not! I'm going to use it to electrocute myself!

Bill: Uhm... okay?

E: Don't you get it Bill? If I electrocute myself using this, I will be filled with energy. So much in fact that it would take a really bad ground to calm me down!

Bill: And that's how you plan to defeat Darth Borac?

E: Exactly! I'll be so full of energy that not even the BLPW champion Double J Joe Jones himself could stop me!

Bill: I see. So what do you think about Darth Borac saying you're full of yourself?

E: He's exactly right!

Bill: Huh?

E: Bill, take a look around! The BLPW is full of wrestlers with ego problems! The Technicians, the Faction, Shawn Sanders, Mr. Satan... right down to Jason Black! Even the great Darth Borac has an ego problem! And we all have a damn good right to let our ego's rule the ring! We're the best in the business. The absolute best! Not even WWE can compare with the talent in the ranks of the BLPW! It's just those of us that don't let our ego's get ahead of us that do the best!

Bill: Right. Moving on, Darth Borac said you think you can beat him just because he believes in the force. Is this true?

E: Of course not! I don't think I beat that little bastards face in just because he believes in the force. I KNOW I can! Why you ask? Because I know I've got the talent to beat him, that's why! Because I can control electricity, that's why! Think about it for a moment. The force is all around, right?

Bill: Uhm, yeah, I guess.

E: Okay. That right there spells defeat! Only those who master the force can use it to their advantage! Darth Borac is hardly a master of the force. We all saw that when he made that attempt to knock over that trash can, which failed pathetically I might add. But what about electricity? Electricity is always being controlled. It's always being channeled, told where to go. I mastered electricity the day I graduated college, and I've only continued to get better every day since then! And what has Darth Borac done? Nothing! He doesn't have the first clue where to begin with the force. Me? I know exactly where to begin with electricity!

Bill: And where would that be?

E: The power plant of course! It starts in the power plant, a place I have been too many-a-time. It was there that I first learned how to control electricity, or what I like to refer to as the "E-factor." This is a very dangerous foe... one that the force doesn't stand a chance in hell against!

Bill: Okay. Finally, what are your thoughts going into this match?

E: Bill, I really can't answer that. My thought tank seems to be running on empty as of late.

Bill: Thought tank? What the hell is that?

E: Bill, come on now. Thought tank. It's a very complex chamber in your brain that allows you to contemplate possible outcomes to threatening situations.

Bill: Oh, right. Well, thank you for your time.

E: Good day to you sir! I'm sure I shall run into you at the arena tomorrow night!

Bill and the crew leave as the scene fades to black.