E: What makes you say that?

The Electrician tries not to make eye contact with Krista. He knows that eye contact means death in these situations. So he just casually continues to look around the room, avoiding eye contact at all costs.

Krista: Oh I don't know. Maybe the fact that you ditched me last night!

E: I didn't ditch you! I lost my keys and since you don't have a cell phone I couldn't call you and let you know!

Krista: What the hell ever!

E: Yeah, whatever.

The Electrician storms out of Krista's apartment, the crew following him all the way. He gets out to his humvee, painted blue instead of the Mechanic's red, and climbs in. He starts it up and revves the engine. Good lordy how they love these humvees. It's like everytime they get behind the wheel, nothing can stop them. He puts a CD into the player and a moment passes before the Rob Zombie classic "Superbeast" begins to blast through the humvee's sound system. The camera woman (yes, she finally made it to one of his promo's) turns down the stereo.

E: What the hell!? Did I say you could touch my stereo?

CW: No.

E: Then what did you do it for!?

CW: We were wondering what you had to say to Borac.

E: (with great sarcasm and anger in his voice) Plain and simple: shut the hell up Borac. Your pathetic attempt to make it appear as though you can use the force was terrible. Yeah, like we wouldn't put it together. But hey, if you'd like to think we believe such crap, then go for it.

You think I worship electricity as some kind of religion? Well, okay, maybe I do worship electricity, but not as if it were a religion. Point of fact I'm not even religious. Another point of fact is that there's only one way for our match to end at Epic: you losing. That's right. Electricity may not be as strong as "the force" but it will sure as hell zap the living shit out of whoever's controlling the force. You can't sit there and tell me that you wouldn't feel a thing if 600 volts of electricity were pulsing through every fiber of your being. Of course you would. Everybody would. Even the great Darth Vader or Yoda themselves. Even the great force god in the sky would. Everybody would dammit! And don't think you're any different Borac, because you're not!

And to prove my point, I'm going to do something special before our match. Thousands have heard of it, but very few of have ever seen it in action. It's called the Electrical Energy Tower. I used it once in ACW, but was forced to destroy it when it got out of control. But I will build another one, and I will use it to prove to you that the force is nothing compared to electricity. In fact, the force is absolutely useless compared to electricity. And very soon Borac, you will find out.

The Electrician comes to a red light and opens the passenger side door. He looks into the camera.

E: Now get out.

CW: Here?


The Electrician places his hand over the lens of the camera and shoves it. The camera woman and the rest of the crew obediantly get out of the Electricians humvee as the scene cuts to the ant races.