The scene returns in the Technicians locker room. The Mechanic has all but disappeared (Thank some supernatural being) and the sounds of the shower are no longer heard. It is then that, out of a cloud of steam, the Electrician appears in nothing but a towel. He looks refreshed and clean after a nice, long, hot shower. Nothing feels better I tell ya. (Authors Note: *sniff sniff* Bleh... wouldn't hurt me to wash my nuts.) Anyway, he spots the camera, and pretty much freaks out. What else is new?

E: What the hell? I barely get done taking a shower and you want me to cut a promo? Are you crazy? Wait.... let me guess... Double J paid you to film me like this because he wants my body, right?

There is silence for a moment, then from the background one of the camera crew people is heard saying "Uhh yeah, sure... whatever you want to believe."

E: I knew it! Well stop taping! Tell that happy homo he'll never have me!

The scene cuts to black, then fades back in when the Electrician is fully dressed. Well, if you want to count a pair of boxer-briefs and a wifebeater as dressed. Regardless, he's not in just a towel anymore. He sits down on the bench, and rubs his face. Inhale.... exhale.

E: Okay, so word has it that I've got to face Darth Borac this week. Yee haw, whoopdy freakin' do! Yet another member of the "force" that I have to deal with. What's with these people? Can they not think of anything better to believe in? Give me Saints, Satanists, Buddhists, freakin' Al Quaida for all I care! Anything but another Star Wars freak! It's time I show these delusional people what...

The Electrician pulls a 9 volt battery seemingly out of nowhere. Slurp.

E: What real wrestlers are made of! Darth Borac, you're going to realize the true powers of something this week. Something you seem to be only dimly aware of. What is that of course? The true powers of me beating your ass all over that ring! Now get out of here! I've got dressing to do! I mean training! Training dammit!

The Electrician chucks the 9 volt battery at the camera crew. It "coincidentally" nails the camera guy in the nuts, therefore causing him to drop the camera and the scene cuts to static.