The scene opens backstage after BLPW Epic has gone off the air. Imagine that, it's in the Technicians locker room. However, the Mechanic is the only one present. The sounds of the shower running in the background can be heard, though there is no solid proof that the Electrician is in there. And we dare not look- could go blind. Anyway, the Mechanic sits there, looking somehow unmotivated. One could only wonder why. But perhaps, it's a possibility that we just might find out in 3... 2... 1... NOW!

M: So it stands. The Technicians did defeat the Faction. A shady defeat, some might say, because of the interference that occured, but a defeat none the less. If anybody happened to miss it, I was not tossed on top of the Law for the 3 count like some dummy. No, I was perfectly conscious and thinking clearly when I pinned him. Of course, without the Torque Drop, that pin might not of gone through the way it did. But no... no it was the Torque Drop that sealed the deal. Thus proving, once again, that we are the best Tag Team in the BLPW, and that it's only a matter of time before the BLPW Tag Titles are around our waists- where they rightfully belong.

So one would ask themselves: are we happy with the defeat over the Faction? I'm not sure yet. Everybody's aware that we just love to get things done on our own, but it's always nice to have some help once in a while. This isn't to say that we couldn't get the job done ourselves. Of course we can. And I believe that fate will bring our teams against each other in the ring again, and when that time comes, we shall prove it.

But enough about the past. Let's move onto the future. By this of course I am referring to BLPW Epic where I will face the man-monster known as KGB. Can you get a wrestler that's more perfected than KGB? He trains his ass off, kicks some ass, and then goes away until it has to be done again. In my opinion, this is the pinnacle of perfection when it comes right down to it. Of course, that wasn't the case at Epic tonight when Double J defeated KGB. But things happen. Sometimes you can explain it, sometimes you can't. And sometimes you can come up with really good excuses. But other than that, it's usually accept it and move on.

Anyway, I would sit here and blabber at KGB for a bit, but that wouldn't do me any good. After all, is it not the Mad Scientist that's using KGB as a puppet for his own personal success? Well gee whiz, I believe it is. So why I don't I address this... how should I say... character.

Y'know Maddy... is it okay if I call you Maddy? Good. Y'know Maddy, I have to say I admire you. Don't get me wrong here, I'm not trying to suck up to you and trick you into not releasing your puppet upon me. I really do. I admire you for openly admitting you don't have the guts to step into that ring for yourself. Most men wouldn't even dream of doing such a thing. But you, well, you're not ashamed of it. You're very proud of the fact that you just can't hack it in the ring, so you have a puppet to do the job for you. A very large puppet I might add. One that requires the use of a shock collar to control. I was thinking about it the other day and you know what I came up with? Wouldn't it just be a shame if that collar just happened to say... fall off? Granted, KGB would probably kill anybody nearby and most likely brutally assault any innocent bystanders, but by george he sure would be happy to be free.

But that's something I was just thinking about. It certainly doesn't mean that I'll do it. I wouldn't dream of such a thing. After all, if I had a puppet to do my bidding for me, I wouldn't want his collar to fall off either. But whatever floats your boat... or something. You just seem to be forgetting that I'm on the rise. It's only a matter of time before I make my way into the singles title scene again, so for me, KGB is just getting in my way. He's water in my gas tank. And what do you use to get rid of water in your gas tank that could possibly freeze up those feul lines? Heet, my good man. Heet.

Finally, the scene fades to black after the Mechanic has made no point what-so-ever... except in his own delusional mind.