The scene opens to show the setting sun as it just disappears below the horizon. The streets are still busy as everyone tries to make it home after a day at work, and yet, they just don't understand that if they'd quit working, they wouldn't have to put up with the traffic all the time. Stupid bastards.

Anyway, we join our good buddies the Technicians as they walk through a museum. From the looks of it, one that specializes in Medeivel times, judging by the swords and axes and chain mail armor hanging on the walls, in display cases, etc. Krista and Kendra at their side, they casually enjoy the displays, all 4 of them interested in things of this sort. They come upon 2 swords, beautifully detailed, hanging on the wall, crossing over each other to form an "X". The 4 stop as Krista begins to read aloud the plaque that's set in front of the swords.

Krista: The Knighting Swords. These swords were used by kings of the Medeivel era to knight soldiers after they proved their loyalty to the kingdom. The one on the right with the inscription "Excolo Vester Factum" means "In honor of your achievement" and the one on the left with the inscription "Tibi an Valde Militis" means "You are a great soldier." Often, phrases like this would be inscribed on the blades of such swords since being knighted was the greatest honor a soldier of the king could receive. The common knighting ritual began when the king would hold the sword above the soldiers bowed head, then drop it to the left shoulder, back over the soldiers head, and to the right soldier, explaining the action with a phrase such as "In our debt to you, we pledge upon thee the title of Knight." The jewels embedded in the handle and base of the blade were to signify that the newly proclaimed knight was rich in soul and spirit, and many soldiers of the era held to the belief that after becoming a knight, they would no longer be prone to the typical illnesses of commoners as their newly enriched soul would prevent it from happening.

When Krista finishes reading, the 4 just stare at the swords momentarily, before the Mechanic walks up and takes the sword on the right.

Kendra: What are you doing?!

M: Just relax.

The Mechanic turns to his brother.

M: Kneel down.

E: What?

M: Kneel down.

E: Why?

M: If the Faction doesn't believe we've got the "fighting spirit" it takes to win this match, then by God, we're going to get some of it right now!

E: Uhm... okay.

Uneasy about his brothers ability to control the sword, the Electrician slowly drops down to one knee. Closing his eyes, he bows his head and mumbles something as his brother raises the sword above the Electrician's head. Moving it down to the Electricians left shoulder, then back over his head and to his right shoulder, the Mechanic speaks outloud...

M: To ensure thee great ability to kick the Factions ass, I hereby grant you a greater fighting spirit than the Law and Craig Williams could ever hope to endure. You will succeed, Sir Electrician of the Bad Lands.

Finishing the "ceremony," the Mechanic lowers the sword, then when the Electrician stands up, the Mechanic hands the sword to him with the words "My turn." The Mechanic kneels down and bows his head, and the Electrician looks strangely at Krista and Kendra before taking any action.

M: Come on, hurry up.

Simply shaking his head, the Electrician copies his brothers actions, speaking as he does so.

E: In light of the opportunity you have been given to prove yourself, you will gracefully succeed. I hereby grant you some form of talent in which I hope you will use wisely in the ring, Sir Mechanic of the Bad Lands.

The Electrician, finishing the "ceremony," walks back over and places the sword back on its hooks. The 4 continue walking, enjoying the exhibits as the scene fades to black.